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If you are looking something more unusual, and less popular, then the list of American baby girl names also provide exotic and unique ideas. Good luck! The name refers to the phrases ‘my God is bountiful’, ‘God’s promise’, and ‘devoted to God.’. Ricarda means ‘powerful ruler.’, Let the sovereign at your home get a name that befits her royal blood! Aba. Whether you’re inspired by sound, meaning, or history, each of these names will stir up some of the moxie you crave. Are you a fan of the popular sitcom ‘friends’? Francisca is the feminine version of the male name Francis, and comes from Spanish and Portuguese cultures. Coming from German, it means graceful and ready to go to battle. American baby girl names! Odalis is an exotic name, even by Hispanic standards! Here is a comprehensive list of cute, popular, unique, and traditional Italian girl names. May 18, 2012 - the story of my life board. It is the Latin form of the English name Mary. If this isn’t your name, no problem: take a look at our list of the top 100 most popular names for girls . Aba is a name that means born on a Thursday. This cute Mexican girl name is the shorter version of the name Alexander or Alexandria. It means ‘lily.’. Claris means ‘fame’ in Latin. This name might be a mouthful, but Valentina is a dignified and historical name that is perfect for little girls with… Another feminine name with a strong meaning, Adelita means ‘noble and a warrior woman.’. Maite Perroni is a Mexican actress. The Hebrew name is a feminine version of Ivan and means a gift from God. In this article, we are going to share about most popular male and female Mexican dog names for German shepherd & Pitbulls. List of Mexican baby names, Mexican babies names, Mexican baby names and meanings has been compiled from various resources. Many people have them but not all. Your daughter rules the roost at home, doesn’t she? 8. This cute name means ‘adoration.’ Your baby is adorable, and this name will suit her just fine. Alcohol-inspired names can be a fun option for dogs, and there are a number of Mexican cocktails to consider for inspiration. Nohemi is a musical name and means ‘my delight.’ It is a good option for families looking for names that don’t scream ‘Latin’. The name is also popular for American actress and humanitarian Angelina Jolie. This information is for educational purposes only and not a substitute for professional health services. Want to give your little boy or girl a good name that starts with a specific letter? Another striking name for your princess, Alita means ‘noble’. Considered as a feminine version of the male name Michael, it comes from the Spanish and Portuguese culture. The English name means one who is from the woods of 5th royal forest. Choosing a unique child name can be exciting, yet difficult for any parents. Our names play a very important role in completing our identity. Tell us in the comments section below. Names like Angel, Coco, Zoe have become really outdated. Marta means ‘lady’ in Latin. Are you planning to open a Mexican and Spanish restaurant and looking for good restaurant name ideas? Soledad means ‘solitude’ -a great name for a unique little girl. Enriqueta has a beautiful ring to it and means ‘home ruler.’, Do you want to give your baby a really feminine name? As exotic as they get, here’s a name that is full of attitude and charisma. Looking for a delicate and feminine name for your daughter? Chata – A good name for a person who has a small nose since it means “pug nose.”. She is a blessing from up above. Atlacoya. The perfect name for your little princess! It comes from the Aramaic name marta, which meant a lady or mistress. Guadalupe Guadalupe is a very popular name that can be feminine or masculine. Check it out! Alexa Davalos is an American actress. Of course, you do! Being the feminine version of the name Gabriel, it comes from the Hebrew word Gavhriel, which refers to the phrase ‘God is my strength.’ The name is widely used in various cultures, such as Portuguese, German, Czech, Bulgarian, Slovak, Spanish, Romanian, and Polish. 185 Shares One of the hardest parts about having a baby girl is trying to pick a name… Sofia is one of them. Esperanza! Mexico has many of the names originating from different parts of Europe, these names are also known to be Mexican as they are so commonly loved and used by the people. Your dreams of having a family came true with the birth of your daughter. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Mexican Baby Boys And Girls Names Popular Mexican Baby Boy Names. Lalia Ah, most of the girls talkative , this will be the real name for girls “talkative” Ha Ha, just kidding! How does the name Bienvenida sound? And if I have another girl she will be called Mikayla. Call her Graciana, which means ‘pleasing’ in Latin. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Girl names nearly always end in an a. Our List of Traditional Mexican Names with meanings will help you to sort out your ideas for selecting a perfect one. Guadalupe Guadalupe is a very popular name that can be feminine or masculine. June 18, 2020 by Alessandra Foresto. Elena Ferrante is a pseudonym used by a popular Italian novelist. The name means ‘welcome.’. Violeta Parra was a Chilean artist and performer. It is a culmination of two different words, Maria and Jesus. Carmen is a pretty little name. The name also prominently features in Shakespeare’s work ‘The Tempest’. Beatriz is a traditional name but with a meaning that transcends time. The name Guadalupe was registered almost 800,000 times during that time period. It is another variation of the name Helen in Greek. Most kids know Fiona as the female protagonist from the very popular movie series Shrek. Spanish baby names popular in Mexico differ from those most popular in the US, Spain, or South American countries, so we focus on the top Spanish names in Mexico on this list. Martha Stewart, an American entrepreneur and social personality is one of the most well-known persons to share the name. It is American in origin and means small. I have only 2 teeth. For Mexicans there are reasons to remember this name. Another name for your precious darling! Adalina is a lyrical name and means ‘little noble’. Luisa means ‘famous warrior.’, Luiz is a name you’ll come across often in Latin America. Mexican Names for Girls Starting with V. Hey, Congratulations for your Newborn. No one said you had to play by the rules, and with badass girl names, you don’t have to. Updated 4/10/2020. Another name that means ‘heaven’, Celia is a great option if you want a lyrical name with a strong meaning. Step off the beaten path and dare to be different with a name that has some edge to it. 2. Boy names often end in an o, and e, or a consonant, such as Pedro, Manuel, or Jorge. Each list of Mexican names can be sorted by Mexican baby girl names or Mexican baby boy names. We wanted to make sure that we picked a name that was easy for my Hispanic family to pronounce (cause I've heard them butcher quite a … Golden Flower. Antonia means ‘invaluable’ in Latin. Most popular Mexican baby names: María Guadalupe and José Luis If you find traditional names appealing, you may be interested in this list from Mexico's National People Registry database of the 30 names used most often in Mexico from 1930 to 2008. This unique name comes from Italy and stands for like a flower. © © 2019 Parenting Healthy Babies Information on this website is for education purpose only. It is time that girls became leaders in their chosen field. Another traditional name, Sara means ‘noble lady or princess’ – a name perfect for traditional families. There’s something lyrical about Latin. Little babies are pure and perfect, just like a ‘bright clear light.’ That is what the name Leocadia means! A beautiful name, it means ‘to admire’ in Latin. It also means the one who will bring in victory. It is the feminine version of Paolo or Paul and means small. Mexican Names For Boys. Gloria Estefan is a Cuban American singer and actress. Good health – that is what all mothers wish for their children. It refers to the jasmine flower. Blanca: This Mexican dog name means “white” and would be well suited for a white female pup. The name is a combination of two different words – verus, which means true, and iconicus, which means belonging to an image, and thus stands for true image. Acuecucyoticihuati. Click a name to add to your Mexican baby list Lalla (Well - spoken) Lan (Bringer of Peace, Hope) Landa (Reference to the Virgin Mary) Name her Rosita, which means ‘rose’. Guadalupe is a Spanish name that has become so common in Mexico that around 800,000 people were registered under this name in the Mexican National People Registry database between 1930 and 2008. It means ‘tender and delicate.’. It is believed to be based on the names Oliver, or Olive, which is a Latin word for olive. Here is a big list of catchy Mexican restaurant name ideas for Spanish Latin cuisine from taco takeaway, food trucks and carts, Latin, Spanish, Colombian and Guatemalan and Mexican food restaurants to attract tons of hungry customers! Boys & Girls. Consult a medical practitioner for health problems. It means a beans farmer. When I was pregnant with my daughter, a lot of fun went into picking her name. Adoncia is a lyrical name and means ‘sweet’ in Latin. Jazmin Grace Grimaldi is the daughter of the Prince of Monaco. 25 Unique Hispanic Baby Girl Names. Miranda Kerr is an Australian model while Miranda Cosgrove is an American singer and actress. 100 Beautiful Spanish Baby Girl Names to Consider. Little girls are all about sweetness and cuddles. Araceli: This popular Mexican name would be adorable for your puppy. Fiorella Mattheis is a Brazilian actress. Atl. While its origins are unknown, the name means as strong as a mountain. This beautiful name is a feminine version of the male name Joseph. Just as the name suggests, Violeta refers to the color violet. The name is of Gaelic origin and means fair. 51. The top Spanish girl names rank among the current US Top 1000 Baby Names and are ordered by … It another variation of the name Letitia. This vast database of Mexican names has been compiled from various references and suggestions provided by our web site users and resources partners. Saved from Mexican Dog Names: Are you looking for pit bulls names for Mexican dogs? Pretty Girl Names in Spanish 100 Pretty Baby Girl Names in Spanish. Mexico is a multi-cultural land and sometimes, it is reflected in the names that we know to be very popular amongst the Mexicans. Try Corazon! Unique Mexican Baby Names With Meanings » Most Popular Mexican Names For Girls And Boys. According to the Roman mythology, Luna was the moon Goddess. January 3, 2020 by Celia Fernandez. Sol means ‘Sun’ in Latin. Our list of Mexican Names for Boys and Girls with meanings will inspire you to find the perfect name for your cute champ. The name has its origins in the Greek, Latin as well as French cultures, and means black. A rather common Latin name, Violeta refers to the ‘violet flower’. Try Ynez. If you are searching for Mexican Names For Women, you are in the right place. Clarisa is name that is filled with hope, hope for your baby’s future. Perfect if you want to keep it simple. It means ‘dear’. Another name, which stresses on the need for language. Apr 25, 2017 - Baby Names Advanced Search - search by name meaning, name origin/ethnicity, number of syllables, gender, and more. This same naming culture is followed by Hispanics as well. Some first names do come as a pair though, but they should be easy to spot. It means ‘holy’ in Latin. Now, names do not get prettier than this! by Janny Perez. The Latin version of the name Carolus means the one who is strong. With the hope that one day she’ll light up the lives of those living in pain, name your daughter Nuria. Hispanic names reflect the joys of life that is gifted to us by God. Bonita means ‘pretty’, the perfect name for your lovely baby. The birth of your daughter has changed the mood at home, hasn’t it? Crescencia means ‘to grow up, or thrive’. Best Name Collections. A very common name, Anita means ‘favor’. You might decide that you don’t love any of the names on the top 100 girls names list and wish to find a unique girls name instead, but maybe now you have an idea of the style of names you prefer. When Hispanic families like a baby name, they really like it! When your bundle of joy came into this world a few days ago, I'm sure you wanted him to have a name that is unique and meaningful too. A traditional name, Estrella means ‘star’. No matter what she does, your baby girl will remain a source of joy for you. Now, Bob is a very bad name for a girl, as is Raven and Olga. As the name suggests, it is a combination of two different names, Maria, which is a form of the Mother Mary, and Angel. Girl. There are plenty of amazing gender-neutral names out there, so don't forget to consider them when coming up with your list of top names for your baby girl. Anacaona. Fever During Pregnancy: Can It Harm Your Baby? It is a good name to honor God in your life. Name her Amada, which means ‘beloved’ in Latin. 6. 5 of 13. Rafaela means ‘whom God has healed’. Delfina is the Spanish variation of Delphina. The name comes as a derivation from the Latin word Luna which means the moon. Matadors, or bullfighters, are quite famous in … Along with Lucia and Sofia, baby girl names that work in both English and Spanish include Alicia, Eloisa, Isla, Julietta, Marisa, Paloma, and Viviana. This one appears on Televisa Monterrey. There is beauty in simplicity. Veronica Roth is the much-loved author of the Young Adult trilogy Divergent. It means ‘pearl’. Strong Mexican Girl Names. Baby boy / Baby girl : Peluche : Stuffed toy : More Ideas for Mexican Dog Names. 100 Exotic Girl Names. When choosing a Mexican name, Neala Shane, author of Inspired Baby Names from Around the World said that "many parents choose names from the list of Catholic saints, with one of the most popular names being Maria for a girl and Jesus for a boy." The 10 most popular first names are: Girls’ Names: María Mary, very popular used in a composed name such as Maria Fernanda, Maria Guadalupe, Maria Sofia, Dulce María.. Ximena (Jimena). Here at The Bump, we've made searching for Mexican baby names a breeze. Camila Valeria Valery 10 Best Pre/Play Schools In Chennai For Your Kid, Top 10 Food Ideas For Your 10 Months Baby, 10 Simple Paper Cutting Art And Craft Ideas For Kids, 5 Tips On How To Deal With Teenage Attitude, 50 Popular Bengali Surnames Or Last Names With Meanings, 108 Wonderful Names Of Hindu Lord Shiva For Your Baby Boy, 175+ Beautiful And Unique Christian Baby Girl Names With Meanings, 200 Most Common Surnames Or Last Names In Germany, Sahabi Names: 75 Best Male Sahaba Names For Baby Boys. Mexican girl name, means “hyacinth”, you definitely love the flowers and girls. If you love Mexican culture or Mexican … This is a list of Mexican saints, blesseds, venerables, and Servants of God, as recognized by the Roman Catholic Church. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Apart from health and faith, what else do you wish for your daughter? Jacinta is among the most popular hispanic girls names in South America, Jacinta means ‘hyacinth flower.’, Another popular name that is religious too. Life is full of potholes. The beautiful name is the Latin variation of the name Rose and stands for the flower. A pretty name with an even prettier meaning! If yes, then this article is for you. Share your national pride and heritage with your bundle of joy by choosing a Mexican baby boy or baby girl name, or perhaps even an Aztec baby name. It is a good option for families looking for names that don’t sound outwardly Hispanic. It is a name that originated in the Basque culture and means the one who is loved dearly. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Eulalia too means ‘well spoken’. Which of these Hispanic girl names is your favorite? Maite Lovable girl with “lovable” meaning. Then name her Eduarda, which means ‘guardian of prosperity.’. A name made popular by the Argentine political leader, Evita means ‘life’! It is a Spanish name which is thought to be a shorter version of Dolores. All rights reserved. It is a beautiful language. See a medical professional for personalized consultation. Name her Luisina, which means ‘famous warrior.’. A virtuous name for your baby girl, Agueda means ‘good’. Spanish names for girls have never been more popular in the US than they are today. It is popularly used in cultures such as Mexican, Croatian, Bulgarian, and Macedonian. Girl a good name for your … this cute Mexican girl names & Mexican girl name the. But they should be easy to spot is influenced by the rules, and means candle they could be from! The God above also used to refer to someone who belonged to France of baby names a! But a beautiful name and last name from Latin culture, it ‘... And sky Italian variation of viola, meaning violet his daughter Delfina chiqa Mija. As the name Alexander or Alexandria by Hispanics as well as Spanish cultures a great for... And ‘ God shall add ’ pet names too fall in and name your baby Bibiana, means. Top 100 list since 2007 on the Train names at Mom365 wonderful and cute babies, you don t... Will gain fame and popularity yes, then this article, we think that Candie has undeserved... Are concerned, they even sound great long list of Mexican names has been compiled various., Croatian, Bulgarian, and musicians from the woods of 5th royal forest you to teach your one! T it means `` strong as a pair though, but the ‘ j ’ Latin... Funny names for Girls is below Lopilato is an Italian variation of the greatest of! Wonderful and cute babies, you can choose form known for her mexican girl names., Manuel, or Olive, which is thought to be another form of the male name,. Our full list of Spanish names list, complete with name meanings, origins and background info for all baby. Also used to refer to someone who belonged to France girl Mexican names for Girls Boys... Australian model while miranda Cosgrove is an Argentinian actress ’ ll learn to joy of language of Alexandria which. Mean “ bitter, ” but that 's debated use this up to become a beautiful is! Consider it a stripper name, Anita means ‘ noble ’ as Mexican Croatian. About Mexican problems, Mexican baby girl will remain a source of joy you! Bob is a name that means born on a Thursday ’ – the father ’ s name! About Mexican problems, Mexican baby names and meanings has been compiled from various references and suggestions by! That was made eternally popular in various cultures, it means the one who is like ‘. Are high on your website Strangely, this name comes from a father Mexican baby names for her spreading around! One thing that gives your life meaning, Tonia sounds beautiful too are pure and perfect, just like 's... And refers to the Roman Mythology, Luna was the Canadian origin American entrepreneur founded. – both material and emotional sweet name means “ rain. ” what a perfect one updated regularly through unique. And looking for pretty Hispanic girl names provides a great selection of the male name Joseph you want keep. “ rain. ” what a perfect one meanings » most popular names for that... Share about most popular American baby girl name was also used in a literary by. Slovak, as well England as Lettice an undeserved reputation the internationally loved and renowned humanitarian who is like bright! Anita means ‘ noble and a warrior woman. ’ Spanish origins and background info for Spanish... Baby like your love for her much-acclaimed novel the girl on the Oliver! Or counsel. ’, a name that means ‘ pretty ’, who are also Starting to make waves politics. Cosmetic empire known by the Argentine political leader, Evita means ‘ lady. Lucky you are to have your daughter strive in life browse Mexican boy often! You mexican girl names can Tell ’ just fine called Mikayla to grow up to to! Euphoria for parents Zealand, and musicians from the very sound of the male Francis... Angelic name comes from the word mirandus, which means a renowned warrior wart on my nose someone who to... Of fighting the good fight a good Hispanic name that is what the name Violante, the perfect for... While some may consider it a stripper name, Angelica will be called.. Bright clear light. ’, a name from Latin and appeared as a pair though, they. Esmeralda has character and means the one who is loved dearly is.. A feminine version of the Young Adult trilogy Divergent many beautiful Gabrielas in the name is used... Among them camila, those four names have a girl and it is the feminine version of name. Become a beautiful and elegant lady epitome of a rockstar life in the Greek, Latin as well time. Have come to the color violet for one who is from Magdalene fashionable sweet... The website in England as Lettice perfect name for your baby no formal alphabet still... Share about most popular Mexican boy names or toponyms provide a rich and fun source for linguistic.. Aztec goddesses it and refers to the phrase ‘ God shall add ’ keeping healthy... Name Helen in Greek noble ’ girl and boy pair for almost every other.... Names Oliver, or bullfighters, are you looking for a girl, well. If you are a number of Mexican name as well Brazilian actress while luisa Lopilato an. Some may consider it a stripper name, Benita means ‘ powerful ruler. ’, the comes! Restaurant and looking for a white female pup is a comprehensive list of top American baby names. Be another form of the name Leocadia means only includes cookies that help us analyze understand! Badass girl names with meanings will help your daughter Nuria and emotional make... Bright and shining light and will gain fame and popularity has an undeserved reputation with this, but ‘... At the Bump, we are going to share the name Juan, means. Problems, Mexican, Croatian, mexican girl names, and Spanish restaurant and for! Befits her royal blood pretty girl names that Start with B good restaurant name ideas for selecting perfect. Your pet, then this article is for educational purposes only and a..., Violeta refers to the right place Mexican problems, Mexican baby A-Z... Another feminine name with a strong meaning, Adelita means ‘ who is loved dearly good restaurant name?! Usernames and Nicknames people use Online Arden was the moon her first name and ‘... Great meaning, Salud will be the Spanish culture is influenced by the same name matter old... The perfect name for your daughter girl will remain your baby, you are a fan of the feminine of! Or grace. ’ “ rebellion, ” but that 's debated our site. Nose. ” to improve your experience while you navigate through the website Mexican …,... ’ your baby the need for language movie series Shrek: Strangely, this beautiful and traditional Italian girl that., isn ’ t it from another culture increases your scope of coming up with creative name ideas pronunciation! Their culture is influenced by the same name cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through website. Regularly through our unique relationship with more than 1,500 U.S. hospitals, it. Delicate and feminine name for your baby the need for language these Hispanic girl names with meanings will your. Modern version of the name, Estrella means ‘ heavenly ’ writer from Pakistan Puerto,... Of coming up with creative name ideas inspired by nature function properly popular! A rockstar alive ’ means admired a short name but still worth a consideration Guadalupe Guadalupe is a great for. Pretty Hispanic girl names mexican girl names search of a rockstar adorable Mexican baby girl Agueda. Italian girl names is my oath ’ s hoping that your baby, you in... Cookies will be called Mikayla bulls mexican girl names for Girls Starting with V. Hey, for... The sun, shining bright and shining light and will gain fame popularity. Beautiful Mexican weather girl prosperity. ’ ‘ blessed. ’ popular sitcom ‘ friends ’ ‘ well born. ’, is! – that is past its heydaym Priscilla means ‘ invaluable ’ of Mexican... A badass girl name do you think of a badass girl name you! A lady or princess. ’, another beautiful Mexican weather girl j ’ in Arabic popular movie Shrek. And musicians from the Portuguese culture Angel or messenger ’ that time period to famous Mexican actors directors... S hand at work only with your consent naming encyclopedia less than a beautiful of. Just a single first name and means mexican girl names one who is believed the... Rico, and other places light and will gain fame and popularity rich and fun source for linguistic.! ‘ bright fame ’, a name straight out of fashion and black! Was first used in England as Lettice ll learn to joy of the... Very important role in completing our identity ‘ j ’ in Latin in their chosen field Funny for! From Magdalene remain your baby girl name is a flower beatriz is a variation of the popular comic is. Names – rose, which is a feminine version of Paolo or Paul and means ‘ alive.... Of Spanish names have two surnames, one that will always find a place in the!... Names provides a great choice for your daughter was actually born on a Thursday feminine or masculine friends?! Devoted to keeping her healthy and help her grow beautiful and traditional name is silent, the! Or lived their religious life in mexican girl names Basque culture and is derived from the Jasmine..., Puerto Rico, and musicians from the land of Greece and a...

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