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"I thought you were a white guy?" Chanclas de mamá! Me estoy irritando. Review a complete interactive transcript under the Dialogue tab, and find words and phrases listed under Vocab. 13 Mexican slang words and phrases to help you sound more like a native. : ‘Vamos a la tienda para comprar la pista. “When are you going to stop acting stupid?” Though every Mexican has a different take on things, the gender-loaded nature of these slang phrases is beginning to come under a bit of scrutiny in modern Mexico. THIS is how I learn a language in 3 months. Reply. I have experienced this by attempting to learn Iñupiaq, but these reasons can apply to any endangered language! Ser la Leche – “Cool”, “Sick” This phrase can mean something is cool, someone has swagger, or even something is awful. They speak in European languages as well as languages indigenous to the … Feria means “fair” so the literal translation of this expression is “to have or be fair.” However, feria also refers to coins when it’s used in Mexico. Discussion Starter • #1 • Jul 6, 2011. We also participate in other affiliate advertising programs for products and services we believe in. But as Mexican slang, this convenient little phrase means that you’re in agreement with whatever’s being discussed. This is one of the most common slang words you'll hear in Argentina. Knowing a language is often more about mastering the linguistic turns than knowing a lot of words. It makes a lot more sense now than it would have at the start, doesn’t it? Typically, it will be used when someone is being very silly, or – to use an equivalent term in English slang – ‘bat-shit crazy’. Some of the meanings include: "órdale!" I’m getting irritated.”. It’s used like “sick” in English, where it can be positive or negative. I’ve heard grandchildren use this term when trying to explain to a grandmother why buying tortillas is simpler than making them the old-school way. Every learner has a truly personalized experience, even if they’re studying with the same video. And not least of all, I’ve learned some Mexican slang terms along the way. The below Spanish slang phrases are from Castilian Spanish, the dialect used in Spain. This is one of those two-sided slang words. Somewhat similar to the word “preppy” in the United States but even more negative in its connotations, a fresa is a young person from a wealthy family who’s self-centered, superficial and materialistic. Without further ado… here are 29 Mexican slang words and phrases that will have you sounding like a native in no time! Benny believes the best approach to language learning is to. One example is mijo and mija, which is mi hijo and mi hija (“my son” and “my daughter”) smushed together. Exclamatory phrases when using Mexican slang have multiple meanings and are useful in a variety of scenarios. They have a diverse lingual reputation. Di is special to the Pervuian jungle, so it got fun reactions when I learned to use it properly, as an obvious extranjera living there. ¡Aguas! Watch out! FluentU uses a natural approach that helps you ease into the Spanish language and culture over time. This list is country-specific. If you’re a beginner Spanish learner, you’ll want to use these Mexican slang words with care. Besides wey, this word’s a dead giveaway someone is from Mexico. Nonetheless, slang is commonly … ¡Hola, huambrilla! It’s filled with definitions, example sentences, online links for further study and lots of relevant information about Mexican Spanish. So this one makes sense as “I’m hungover”. This Mexican slang term refers to a Mexican who’s left Mexico or someone who’s perhaps forgotten their Mexican roots or heritage. Mexican slang you should know. It’s a way of saying that the country should grow, prosper and see happy times for its citizens and visitors. It’s literally the formal imperative form of the verb mandar (to command), perhaps ironically commanding someone to command you. For a quick overview of these basic Spanish phrases, check out the cheatsheet below. Try it—you’ll see what I mean! So you wouldn’t use it as compro for a guy. ¿Qué tal? Technically I arrived over a week and a half ago, but I'm calling this the end of my first week because I mostly just slept or was dreadfully tired my first [...], Do you enjoy learning something new? Spanish slang phrases that have negative connotations (and insults) Sometimes you’ll need a slang word that conveys a negative meaning, or to express how annoyed something has made you feel. Despite its status as slang, it’s not vulgar or offensive in the least—so have fun with it! Good luck out there! Funny Phrases There are several expressions used in Mexican Spanish that mean one thing but actually say another. So, what do you know… that’s the end of the list! So it’s a play on that, using improper spelling like an American meme would. While you can certainly use amigo in Spain, you’ll find that the younger Spaniards commonly use colega when they’re referring to a friend. You'll hear Mexicans using "órdale!" This is an exclamation, typically used when someone’s telling you a story. Translated word-by-word, it means “worth penis” or even “cheap penis”. If confirmation of a point is needed, ¿Neta? Wey means “dude” when talking to friends. Many slang terms aren’t clear-cut, and this is an example of that issue. They’d say aguas to let others know they were about to empty el bacín (their “chamber pot” from back in the day). Chamba - It means “work” in Peru. Have you learned these Mexican slang words yet? Consider this you own visual Spanish phrasebook. Learn all the vocabulary in any video with FluentU’s robust learning engine. December 1, 2015 at 10:13 pm. Learning English becomes fun and easy when you learn with movie trailers, music videos, news and inspiring talks. Whether you want to better understand what’s going on around you or show off your language skills, one thing is true: But let me take a wild guess: Your Spanish teacher never taught you words like chida or chelas in class, right? It can be used as both a standalone exclamation (¡Qué chido! 0. Everyone is compa. When you say it, you’re calling someone “worthless”. When I tell people that I am trying to learn Iñupiaq, the native language of my hometown in Northern Alaska, invariably I hear a long, drawn-out, "Whyyyy?" Based on the countries that you visit most, you can add more slang from those regions. eye roll”. Colega. But it doesn’t need gender changes like the whole word. Many of the words are also interchangeable with one another. Slang is the use of informal words and phrases that aren’t part of the formal language. Once again, this phrase can be considered offensive and is mostly used among groups of young men. Similarly, no mames is also used as an exclamation, but it’s more intense. This one isn’t necessarily a slang term, but more a cultural reference. “I was studying Spanish, and like, this phrase was really difficult…”. View this photo on Instagram literally means “What wave?” like, “What wave you riding, dude?” or “How’s it hangin’?”, More crudely, you can use ¿Qué pedo?, which also means “What’s up?” But pedo means “fart”, so the actual translation is “What fart?”. It’s short for compañero or compañera. If that's you too, then read on. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates. I remember the thrill of dropping slang into my sentences, as a baby Spanish learner. It includes the extremely common word “ güey ” that you hear in almost every sentence in Mexico. Mexican Spanish slang uses several words normally related to food and drink to mean other things entirely. Tip: keep the a at the end … ), ¡Órale! 4 thoughts on “

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