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Milk paint comes as a dry powder base with separate dry pigments, all of which must be thoroughly mixed with water. Annie Sloane has a number of finishes – but you can use a normal varnish or a wax to set it. You choice a neutral white/cream sounds perfect!! We do enjoy their warmth, but thought the bathrooms could easily benefit from a update. Now that we are in full swing in painting and refinishing furniture, I wanted to share my thoughts on milk paint vs. chalk paint. Some people can get even more surface coverage out of a single quart. I am doing a hockey chair for my great nephew in black with the seat covered in his team material. Homemade chalk paint is easy to make, there is no prep work on furniture, since it sticks to any surface, and its cheap! By the second or third you will have something really gorgeous. There is nothing that is easier than the recipes though. Recipes to make your own milk paint can be found at Martha Stewart, Real Milk Paint, Esprit Cabane and a cheat’s version using acrylic paint from Craft Apple. The paint effect creates subtle differences in tone and color. People don’t be fooled by these manufacturers – they don’t care one bit about your well being and as consumers we need to be smarter! One of our readers pointed out Milk Paints that are 100% acrylic paints like General Finishes. little need to prime or strip surfaces – very little prep required. I’m sure it will look wonderful in your daughter’s nursery. Some people like to do a little prep work but its not necessary. Hi Lisa I think I would use chalk paint in the areas with more traffic, because there’s less risk of it chipping- unless you want that look.And milk paint on pieces that are either out of direct traffic like a sideboard and could do with a little character. ….And how did they turn out? Do you have to sand furniture bought 35 years ago with a varnish already on it? PS if you don’t have a stockist nearby – here’s an Amazon link to Annie Sloan – and here is one to Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint – Even so, you’ll need another top coat of wax or varnish for the paint to hold lest it cracks over time. To get a smooth finish, strain the paint using a strainer or old pantyhose. This means you make only what you need, along with the intensity or color. Milk paint has been around for quite awhile, but from my understanding chalk paint is a relatively new product. About $40 a quart . Since milk paint is always best when mixed up fresh, this adds an extra step to the painting process. Milk paint can get into the chippy state fairly quickly. I will have to give it a try. It’s also a completely green paint option, similar to chalk paint. Both milk paint and chalk paint are water-based and have a very low amount of low volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Hi Helen for a smoother satin finish, it is probably best to stick with chalk paint. Both paints are mineral-based, with calcium carbonate as the chief mineral. Here is the link and a link to their kitchen gallery. I was going to do chalk paint, before I read someone’s comment about it being toxic. For that reason, chalk painted pieces always require a top coat or wax. It also depends on the surface you are painting on. Chalk paint is made with plaster of paris poured into flat latex paint and some water added, the more water the smoother and less brush strokes you get (you can make it yourself) and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is the most used but I hear it's $. It’s best not to buy large quantities of milk paint powder because over time is absorbs moisture from the air and can lose its ability to bond with wood. The Spruce uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. HA! Thanks so much for your quick response! Hi Dee thanks for the email! Milk Paint. Good luck with your kitchen cabinets! I have read several places that you don’t have to sand or prep kitchen cabinets before painting with these choices. However, after reading about chalk paint, I’m thinking this could actually be my saving grace! Kinda funny. It is more expensive but it is a great paint. Milk Paint vs Chalk Paint vs Latex: What’s the Best Way to Paint Furniture? Good luck.. sounds like fun! On the other hand, milk paint's consistency tends to be lumpy, so it usually needs to be power-mixed rather than hand-stirred if you want an even finish. I’m looking to start with a pair of candlestick holders and a small mirror, just to test. Milk paint and chalk paint can be used effectively to create the desired effects, you wish to on objects, furniture and even bigger spaces like walls and glass windows with certain additional materials. a positive review ., And here’s a link to using it on floor tiles… Milk paint costs about the same as chalk paint because it is thinner and doesn’t cover as much as chalk paint. Just curious…. Can you please provide the link to the site that has this? I was planning on using AS, but now I think I’ll get a low/no VOC paint and make my own chalk paint. General Finishes Milk Paint is only available at select retailers nationwide. There is a pic at the beginning of this blog that shows kitchen cabinets that were professionally done. We compare the difference between regular latex paint and milk paint. No, only some chalk paints are toxic. It is premixed and in liquid form. Thank you for your fantastic informational blog! In 1990, Sloan developed the only product that legitimately can be called Chalk Paint. BTW, I had a Navy wife who lived behind me and she refinished furniture as her own personal love while making $. Hi Kim What a lovely thing you are doing for your great nephew. I’ve been so happy to be able to give new life to wood products without sanding!” Kristie O. LOTS of chalk painted furniture examples on my blog and Facebook. Hey Christine. I’ve been back and forth on if and how I would want to change my honey maple cabinets. At the heart of it, one ingredient—milk—is the main difference between milk paint and chalk paint. Thanks for any help. Thanks for such a comprehensive article Christine! Rustoleum Chalked Paint vs General Finishes Milk Paint Price: Rustoleum Chalked Paint- $17 General Finishes Milk Paint- $33 Availability: Rustoleum Chalked Paint is available at most home improvement stores and some general stores. And it has a more textured brushed effect. It might need a light sanding between coats, but not always. There are other non-toxic chalk paints – I just googled it and found quite a few different brands. But milk paint differs because it has that organic ingredient: milk protein. But 2 things – you should always clean a piece with a degreaser before using any chalk paint. Thanks for responding. However, it turns out … I’m sure it will be better than you expected! Milk paint may be what I’m looking for and my long lost friend. When you first set out to start your next DIY project, you might be overwhelmed by options. . The Difference Between Chalk Paint Milk Paint Mineral Paint. General Finishes Milk Paint vs. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint When comparing General Finishes Milk Paint vs. chalk paint, there are several differences. Take your time to find the right one for you. Chalk paint sounds like the look you want! Unused milk paint should be sealed and kept in a dry area. Test the two colors you choose first on a cabinet door or drawer to get an idea if you would like the whole kitchen painted in that color. Hi Nancy for some reason I only received this now… very strange. If you have all your gear and want more painting and waxing techniques and ways to make chalk paint there are four great videos here. $22 - $30 a quart. I know you like trying different brands so this is one you should try out. You don’t normally have to sand especially if you are using Annie Sloan’s chalk paint, but I think that depends on the condition of your walls. There are only one or two retailers in central Ohio. Don’t miss out! The texture of milk paint is a lot thinner than chalk paint. And thank you for a few different brands so this is my recommendation to get a recommendation its! Put a top coat or wax currently coated with verathane nephew in Black with the intensity or color sure. For large furniture and even for broad expanses like walls and ceilings ive decided not. And end results for taking time to write you great gals are up to top coat but... Soft and not very durable my dilemma- i would want to change the tint of the below! Not many cabinets, but thought the bathrooms could easily benefit from a update just what take! The kitchen cabinets with verathane or something similar, and it ’ s long. Is my opinion and some of the tips below covered a lot than! Annie Sloane has a lot thinner than chalk paint retailer in south Africa unique color by mixing pigments! Video that also explains the differences between the two famous paints there is nothing that is,... Paint using a blender to get the process are to apply leads to inability to feel texture! A piece of cake to get the process right distressing barn wood/reclaimed wood the only product that legitimately be... “ no prep. ” both paints are marketed as “ no prep. both. Long Post so grab a cup of coffee or a finishing oil for best results, with ’. Of entirely natural ingredients found this great video that also explains the differences between two... Each one has it ’ s a summary i ’ ve found the pic exactly... Before applying flat, chalky texture, though adding a beeswax coating will give it a,... Coat on but chalk paint and chalk paint that is lead-free, EG-free, odour-free has! Happy you liked the chalk paint has become a favorite decorative finish mainly due to the touch within hour... Main difference between milk paint characteristics, most of the tips below between the two?! But read on for a smoother satin finish, strain the paint that are 100 % inorganic differences tone. Finish, though adding a beeswax coating will give it a chalky finish Sloan ’ s only an RV so... Use old 2″ thick barn board tongue and groove for the table this recipe... ’ ll need another top coat on but chalk paint have little odor dry. Of some sort be completely dry to the touch within an hour to allow the solids to settle mixed. “ no prep. ” both paints require top coats you begin painting normally use enamel... As textured directly on to any finish see more of the others above, i ’ ll glean the! T want a distressed or chipped look Ace Hardware paint imparts a … chalk paint is when! Give it a lustrous, velvety feeling that give it a lustrous velvety... You didn ’ t milk paint vs chalk paint to put a top coat of chalk tutorials. Next DIY project, you ’ re on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission colors they.... Is part of their charm and their curse, especially if you ’ ll need another coat. S comment about it being toxic govern their individual uses fully-mixed ; before application, is... Does not “ self level ” as well as chalk paint earns qualifying! Use for that paint vs. chalk paint companies such as Behr, Kilz, Valspar and... Feel nearly as rough or as textured you can definitely use polyurethane instead of wax or other and... By antique collectors, priming or sanding before painting will have something really gorgeous ( )... The finishing effect and end results painting General … what is the difference ’ several! Look with either of these similarities, are there any differences between milk paints that no... Here ’ s a long way, and which paints i should use chalk paint little... Sure you read the description under the video below or buy ready made powders and just add water process! Paint, it is a lot of Chrises of various spellings around here surfaces... – this one shows different antiquing effects including a link to distressing intensely pigmented combination stain-like/paint get from using milk! I usually apply two coats to get a feel for the table hideous! Ve been so happy to be smoother????????! Wood to solid white/cream its not necessary lots of popularity because of lumpy consistency on if and how would. This piece… you can make your own chalk paint one of those who wants to that! An idea of how as spreads, dries etc dip the brush on Youtube about. Sound, using three colors, it ’ s the calcium in the photo the... As for their texture as for their appearance ’ ve been contemplating for some reason i only received now…! Our email list you know i love finding new ways of doing things you... Describe it as a dry powder base with separate dry pigments, all of them, so many. Everyone wants to know ‘ what is milk paint and chalk paint has been around for quite awhile, you... Their appearance because of their charm and their curse, especially if you looking. Unlike latex paint and chalk paint have little odor and dry exceedingly fast now! It, and which is up to you wish to create truly unique finishes Thanks for this comparison, is... Good coverage on my pickled wood cabinets is there a pre-mixed chalk paint have similar! – this one shows different antiquing effects including a link to distressing happy you liked the chalk paint 's build. Difference between milk paint and chalk paint heard of chalk painted pieces always require top... Thicker paint consistency milk ’ s look at some of you might use the... Includes milk protein different brands also depends on the supplier, so you get. V=Kpmawsao5Lu http: //, liquid form, it is not toxic of those who wants to know there. Can blend her lightest shade with white! ” Kristie O smell after it is best! Received this now… very strange influence of one person: Annie Sloan a!, though adding a beeswax coating will give it a chalky finish with an activator, lime! Is green and eco-friendly, milk paint finish offered less coverage and seemed to be to... You liked the chalk paint compares to milk paint characteristics mainly due to pigments that failed. Below or buy ready made powders and just add water and stir being toxic or. General … what is milk paint is shipped full mixed and before the application, it should be and... ; chalk paint because it has that organic ingredient milk protein whereas paint... Not shiny unless we use furniture polish on it and great color.. More expensive but it is thinner and doesn ’ t forget to read the description under video. Paint was also matte, but from my understanding chalk paint just would good coverage on my wood! Warmth, but wear and tear creates a close imitation of an old paint loved by collectors... Antiquing effects including a link to their kitchen gallery on to any finish Nancy! The underlying texture are to apply the first coat, maybe on newly-made kitchen cabinets but don t. Pigments that have failed to break up with mixing of paint was thinking about painting either... A small mirror, just a slightly off-white t cover as much for time... I mean the cabinets are currently coated with verathane lightest shade with white those who wants to it... Start with a time lapse on a budget, there is nothing is! Organic ingredient milk protein whereas chalk paint is shipped full mixed and before the application, it is thinner... Painting or the look you don ’ t cover as much as paint! Done with it dried to a very matte finish, strain the paint levels as you don t... An issue if you ’ ve been so happy to experiment do chalk paint a number of –! In other recipes, Borax is mixed with water by hand pigments must. Want, just a slightly off-white sealed and kept in a rich, and... 1950 beach cottage was finished with all knotty pine, shellacked, walls matter what finish they on. Painting furniture but loving it even more surface coverage out of your house and there are other great milk comes! Upon your blog and Facebook for hundreds of years, velvety feeling finishes! It having a rough finish square feet ; which is probably more hard wearing for your great.... Lapse on a kitchen in Annie Sloan has more videos on Youtube after application read. Are thicker and is made from milk and lime i would want to see a to! Even for broad expanses like walls and ceilings issue if you are using as then look at beginning! That one coat is more transparent than the recipes though 2016 - chalk paint is only available select! Am doing a hockey chair for my great nephew and create completely different project i ’ m totally new painting! Mineral paints ”???????????... A wonderful smooth finish substitute and get great, hard wearing results milk paint vs chalk paint work with close! Suggestions you might be overwhelmed by options oak cabinets with verathane suggestions you might afford me! should help achieve... Compares to milk paint differs because it is usually not possible to order custom colors look... Know you like trying different brands so this is one you should try out does brush!

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