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Managed the installation, maintenance, testing, and troubleshooting of end user s workstations and interrelated hardware and software issues. Recommended Group Policy settings, managed WSUS and setup the default model of machines that were ordered for the company. Worked with all different brands of PCs including HP, Compaq, Dell, Gateway, and Packard Bell. Designed and implemented InfoPath / SharePoint solution to track machine deployments, increase deployment accuracy and improve overall customer service. Performed troubleshooting and analysis on a wide array of home computer systems and network setups to determine required repairs. Performed warranty repair, hardware/software installation and troubleshooting for Best Buy customers with Performance Service and Replacement Plans. Repaired systems and set up brand new computers for business clients and tested systems to make sure that systems is working properly. Achieved Stellar Customer Service and lauded repeatedly by customers on my excellent customer service. Updated and configured new equipment, including operating systems and peripheral components. Customized assembly and testing of personal computers to meet specifications of the customer, providing operational systems. Assembled computers, Repair computers, Diagnosis of computers. Installed new hardware/software and documented all technical tasks performed in detail. She should thoroughly … Created new user accounts, deleted accounts, reset passwords and added users to security groups in Windows Active Directory. Whether you are tuning up a system, removing a virus or adding new hardware, you must have a working knowledge of this software to perform the task correctly. Conducted troubleshooting and resolved hardware and software problems. Installed and configure active directory, DNS, and DHCP, added users, computers, and shared folders/printers. Performed all troubleshooting and networking for site, such as computer setup, installation, patches and upgrades to systems. Helped assure proper delivery of software applications and customer profiles through Active Directory. Communication is also critical in billing. Performed Active Directory/IBM On-Demand account modifications (move/add/changes). Installed new computers and ensured user profiles were properly configured. Worked as technician to support with technical problems, network connectivity installed new equipment s and managed day to day queries. Utilize clear concise communication in tech support to help company employees address important technology questions and problems as a ComputerTechnician at ABC company. Investigated and resolved software and hardware problems of computer users and provided technical assistance. Handled proper hard drive disposal to ensure patient information security. 1. Repaired, replaced, and delivered laptops, monitors, printers, and routers to various Lockheed Martin employees. Diagnosed and resolved customer computer issues. Installed and Maintained Windows/Novell/NT networks Learned software/hardware troubleshooting. Provided technical support; this included evaluation and recommendation of new products. Analyzed, documented and corrected software issues, repaired hardware, provisioned new computers, and re-imaged Windows operating system computers. Active listening skills. Provided data recovery and transfer services. Planned and implemented Server 2000 set up Group Policy, Active Directories, DNS, DHCP, terminal services. Provided Desktop and Laptop support to over 300 employees; created ghost images for each of the different types of machines. Provided UNIX servers and Windows personal computers support including other office equipment. Tested, repaired and delivered AST desktop computers * Provided orientation for users upon receiving new computers. Implemented a process of imaging all computers with identical software setup to decrease system downtime and improve troubleshooting efficiency. Performed preventative maintenance on computers, printers and overhead projectors. Prioritized and resolved end-user computer problems for home computer warranty holders. Worked directly with users to diagnose hardware / software / connectivity /VPN /operating system /user profile issues. Collaborated with Network Administrator on trouble shooting problems areas that affect network performance corporate wide. Interfaced with key Boeing technical experts to resolve problems regarding network connectivity, share permissions, and networked printers and plotters. Resolved DNS, OS to include transferring files from Windows XP, 7, & 8. Provided desktop support and end-user connectivity issues and troubleshooting. Handled phone calls to the SNE computer Help Desk and performed phone support for Microsoft Windows computers and IBM AS400 terminals. Configured and supported shared printers. Assisted in system administrative activities (system monitoring, setting user accounts/passwords, daily backups) on UNIX platform. He must also help the user understand when an upgrade is a viable solution or when replacement is a better financial option. Maintained connection of out-lying pharmacies to Hospital/Jefferson County network. Installed and configured hardware and peripheral components, loaded specified software packages. Provided desktop/laptop support including PC configuration/application issues, software/hardware installation, upgrading and replacement and end user software support. Wired, installed and configured all Internet and external peripheral devices with connectivity of all accompanied electronic devices and hardware. This article looks at some aspects of electronics education that should be emphasized in beginner's-level electronics training programs. Repaired software issues such as operating system issues and application troubleshooting. Performed computer repair on site ranging from deep virus removal to motherboard installation, Preformed windows installation, virus removal, hardware replacement, and software installation. Performed thorough and accurate laptop/desktop configuring, software installations, PC customizing to customer specifications; PC optimizing. Determined and resolved customer's PC hardware and software issues either on the phone, through email or in person. Installed computer hardware in addition to imaging and configuring Windows 2000 Professional for public retailing. Installing well-functioning LAN/WAN and other networks and manage components (servers, IPs etc.) Mobile operating systems, once a niche technology, now fall into the important general knowledge category. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of Computer Technician resumes they appeared on. Salary. Converted existing token-ring network to Ethernet/TCP-IP. The computer engineer should also be able to train coworkers or employees in these new skills and programming options. Provided software and hardware troubleshooting, virus removal and system configuration. Provided network diagnostics, maintenance, repair, troubleshooting and implementation services to technicians on site during an SCCM build. Performed computer diagnostic, analyzed computer software and hardware errors. Provided Desktop/Laptop Deployment to non-technical personnel within the business. Your skills and achievements will be different for different career paths and jobs. Installed all the new computers for DISD, I also received a Dell certification to install or fix all Dell computers. Analyzed, evaluated hardware and software systems and give recommendations to ensure proper functionality. Documented procedures for basic operation and maintenance on end-user PC workstations and related peripheral equipment. Repaired and refurbished computer equipment and peripherals Provided sales and technical support to customers Sales of new and used computers and printers. Provided company-wide supports of PC software, hardware, TCP/IP, Microsoft networking in both office and manufacturing environments. Established Printer Naming convention for Active Directory Implementation. Maintained software packages and documented accounts utilizing an internal ticketing system. Ensured proper functionality of peripherals including printers. Imaged new HP laptops, desktops, and tablets with Windows 10 Enterprise via Operating System Deployment/SCCM 2012 (2016-present). Implemented Cisco VPN with RSA Security tokens and configured the hard and soft tokens for local and remote users. Imagine you only have three sentences to convince a potential employer to call you in for an interview. Installed Windows operating systems when needed on desktops/laptops. Configured computer networks and troubleshoot a variety of computer issues. Installed new hardware, software systems and components ensuring integration with existing network systems. Resolved computer/network/hardware/software issues; ensured smooth operational flow. Upgraded computer software including Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office. Monitored correct installation and functionality of customer software applications and network printers. Provided troubleshooting expertise for software problems. Performed data backup and migration to move user data from old PCs to new machines using Norton Ghost and Vista USMT. Supported various training facilities that which utilized personal computers and associated peripherals. Provided help desk support for 2000 end-users (including remote users) in 2 locations. These are just some of the skills you'll need as a Computer Technician And Electronics Technician Provided computer support relating to hardware and software, computer applications and peripherals. Assisted Education Department Manager in scheduling and allocating PCs for training in the Louisville office, branch offices, and off-site. Provided technical assistance to customers including installing, repairing and troubleshooting software and hardware issues. Provided LAN network services such DNS, DHCP, TCP-IP Internet Explorer access, MS Outlook connectivity and FTP file conversion. Conducted data recovery, virus removal, system optimization, and software configurations. Performed root-cause analysis, vendor engagement, and customer service follow-up enabling the client efficient server utilization. Developed new procedures and documentation to streamline customer service time and product tracking. Joined laptops to the domain in a TCP/IP networked environment with the appropriate Active Directory OU security rights. Repaired non-operating computer systems and ensured they were functioning correctly prior to software installation/ quality testing. Inventoried and transferred approximately 4000 PCs from GM Pontiac, MI to new GM business office in Warren, MI. Provided desktop support to hospital executives. Supported end-users on Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and specialized government software. Next, outline the required and preferred skills for your position. Interacted with Network Engineers/Administrators to solve various problems with user ac-counts and connectivity issues. Installed and configured software and operating systems such as Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP, Server and Advanced Server. Performed diagnostics and troubleshooting of Computer issues. Monitored and maintained Novell network operational environment. Repaired, upgraded, configured, and maintained the hardware and software of desktop computers, laptops, and networking devices. The average hourly pay for a Computer Technician with Computer Service skills in Orlando, Florida is $16.01. Developed standard processes in computer hardware administration, troubleshooting, and department management. Monitored in-house computer lab; maintained lab orderliness and executed lab machine maintenance. Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Provided customer support, technical troubleshooting, and computer equipment repair in a fast-paced and high-volume environment. Installed and setup video conferencing equipment. Directed and supervised actions to restore or reroute disrupted communications services, or plan and complete circuit installations for project requirements. Operated on-site technical support and over-the-phone technical support line for customers. Performed maintenance and information confidentiality and security for Microsoft and IOS platforms. Completed admin network migration to windows domain controller (previous environment Novell). Collaborated closely with interdepartmental personnel to conceptualize, plan and implement technology enhancements throughout district. Performed testing activities on various computer equipment, peripheral, data communication and computer network systems. Assisted in implementing an open-source computer imaging solution (FOG); serviced 5000 computers- Software installation and configuration. Provided software support to students and faculty utilizing computer lab at downtown location. Problem Solving Skills. Installed and configured application software for desktop and laptop computer systems including peripheral equipment. Trained in network cabling and gained experience in PC repair and DNS and network troubleshooting. To begin with, you should understand the meaning of skills and accomplishments. Started as customer service representative and quickly promoted to in-store repairs as technician. Provided software and hardware documentation * Delivered hands-on technical assistance with clients and managed hardware upgrades. Provided comprehensive remote support for domestic and international customers including Tier-III support for LAN/WAN products. Installed and Configured desktop PCs, determined hardware/software problems, troubleshoot connectivity problems, and ensure user satisfaction. Managed repairs, installation and performed maintenance of computer systems. Maintained Dell Certifications to reduce cost of paying contracted technicians to replace defective computer equipment. Performed computer troubleshooting installed and configured operating systems, gained networking fundamentals, ran CAT5 cable and became familiar with Linux. Utilized Active Directory to create/make updates to user accounts/permissions. Utilized Microsoft applications to include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. Interfaced with phone technical support and provided assistance in unresolved situations. Assisted with the upgrading of computers from the Windows XP operating system to Windows 7, at Capital One Banks. Orchestrated technical projects and initiatives served as Project Leader on numerous roll outs of new PCs and software upgrades. Assisted HR managers with PowerPoint present and provided equipment assistant when needed. However, companies may require an associate or bachelor's degree in a technical field. Installed software and Identified virus removal programs to successfully remove virus. Excelled in troubleshooting and resolving hardware and software problems and providing excellent customer service. technician is expected to provide technical and administrative support, as well as network administration and IT training. 6. Programmed shells to identify client names and addresses to the DNS. Performed break/fix on all desktops, laptops and printers in our work space and in the user environment when needed. Some computer engineers also work with computer databases like MySQL, Access and Oracle. Performed installation, troubleshooting, and problem resolution for PCs, peripherals, home networks, and home network security. Installed and tested different packages of operating systems and software applications. Researched difficult software problems and beta tested upcoming software platforms. Demonstrated ability to communicate electronically and in-person with end users experiencing difficulties in computer system. Supported business operations by providing data recovery and loss prevention functions. Developed solutions for network connectivity problems on workstations running Novell Client. Developed superb computer software skills. Followed up with excellent help desk trouble shooting of post deployment issues for complete customer satisfaction. Resolved network connectivity issues on a regular basis. Pharmacy Technician Skills and Qualities. Traveled to customer locations to service computer equipment including responding to business-critical issues and replacing defective components when necessary. Checked Active Directory for various user and computer configurations changing them when necessary. Provided end-user support, repair, and trouble shooting for home PC users as well as business workstation. Performed routine maintenance and upgrades in the data center to terminate Ethernet cable, and run fiber optic cable. Installed SCCM images on company computers through the PXE Task Sequencer Wizard. Prevented data loss by consistent implementation of data backup. Inspected, conducted quality assurance performance checks on completed computer systems. Swapped old workstations/peripherals with new equipment. Cleaned computers for viruses, set up home networks, installed new computers, and recommended steps for maximizing computer lifespan. Provided customer service by answering common user concerns and trouble-shooting various Windows problems. Basic skills for diagnostic medical sonographers include solid technical skills for operating the equipment and getting usable images, the physical skills of good hand-eye coordination to move equipment on the patient’s body in correspondence to what appears on the screen, stamina to stand for long periods of time and the ability to lift and move patients as needed. Performed computer hardware/software repairs including virus removal and OS installs. Provided system diagnostics and repairs that included virus removal. Managed repair of Thermal Cockpit printers designed for Airlines and managed local/wide area networks including troubleshooting and repairs. Maintained awareness of advances in technology, computerized diagnostics. Provided Hardware and Software support for clients * Installed Microsoft Operating systems * Maintained LAN and WAN functionality * Established Wireless Networks. Provided Tier 2 level help desk support to end-users after deployment of new NIPR/SIPR systems. Performed all duties of a PC Technician, documented, maintained upgraded or replaced hardware and software systems. Performed desktop Microsoft imaging and data migration on new workstation. Assisted system administrator with hardware and software installations, including operating systems and other system fundamentals. Provided data recovery and various tasks involving working one-on-one with clients. Provided desktop and laptop support for users that included resolving computer issues through troubleshooting, installing and maintaining PC's/peripherals. Helped users start Lotus Notes 853 when it could not launch due to corrupted files and folders. Trained temporary technicians in configuration and trouble shooting techniques. Provided software installation and end user training for Key-net Computer's proprietary Hospital automation software clients. Configured and optimized new computers for customers. Installed and troubleshooted the point of sale devices (IBM cashier) and their TCP/IP satellite network communication. A computer technician sees a variety of problems. Demonstrated what Linux operating system was developed, fully working Operating system. Repaired HP, Compaq, Apple and other brands of PC's, laptops and printers in retail and business environments. Maintained between 10-12 Active directory environments to include DNS, IIS, and Exchange Helped maintain computer software and hardware, and upgraded components to make sure everything was ready for the following school year. It’s crucial to use this type of focus when writing your objective. Maintained desktop support for Win NT/WIN2000/Win XP, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Office products and various medical applications. No computer engineer does everything on his or her own; they are nearly always part of a team. Installed and configured various peripheral: scanners, modems, tape backups, printers, SCSI devices, hubs and switches. Migrated Lotus notes to Microsoft Outlook ensuring all email and address books were successfully copied and no data was lost. Utilized Microsoft Office Professional (Word, Excel, PowerPoint). Tracked and monitored the problem to insure a timely resolution, operated and monitored computer equipment. Diagnosed and repaired hardware and software problems with customer computers including operating systems and internal components. Performed preventive maintenance and hardware/software upgrades on all servers, workstations and peripheral equipment. This means honing your conversation skills as well as your listening and teamwork skills. Utilized A+ certification to repair computers for customers. Time and task management. Resolved users problems with hardware, company I-phones, software and applications and VPN issues as First Tier contact. Collected inventory data of new equipment in Microsoft excel documents. Assisted students/faculty with any problems pertaining to Excel, Word and PowerPoint. Installed, troubleshoots office computers, laptops and peripherals issues as needed and remote locations to resolved hardware/software connectivity issues. Identified and resolved hardware and software problems by conducting repair analysis. Installed and configured new equipment, including operating system software and/or peripheral equipment. Specialized in repairing and troubleshooting on IBM and other manufactured laptops. Assisted with delivering and installing new equipment to Educational facilities. Preformed virus removal and installation of programs. Provided instructional and technical assistance to teachers and students by maintaining an efficiently run computer lab. Contracted to different schools to maintain and repair computers Reimaging MAC filtering Set up computers & connect them to the network, Contracted through TAC Worldwide Provided technical expertise in configuring PC's in LAN/WAN environments utilizing DHCP and static addressing. Documented, maintained, upgraded or replaced hardware software systems with prior appointments with the users. Provided system upgrade and updates, troubleshoot network connectivity, file sharing, printing, and software issues in Windows environment. Performed systems administration, troubleshooting, testing & analysis, and hardware/software installation and maintenance services. Delivered existing Microsoft application programs for faculty/staff. Reconfigured all Windows 2000 Professional desktop units, TCP/IP, Outlook 2000, Office XP, including service packs and upgrades. Provided technical support for desktops, laptops and networking environments along with providing a trustworthy customer experience. Provided cost-effective solutions for computer diagnosis and troubleshooting which grew business and encouraged social networking. Preformed remediation and virus removal techniques for various customers. Installed anti-virus software and performed virus removal. Gained troubleshooting experience for common computer issues. Received Citrix Certification and Check Point Firewall Configuration Certification. Assisted users with active directory password resets, browser troubleshooting, and software support by phone and to walk-in customers. Managed remote laptops users dial-up networking functions. A computer technician based in an IT department of a corporation or company will need a greater level of knowledge relating to computer networks. Special education teachers are teachers who are trained to teach students who are differently-abled. Provided skilled hardware and software support to ensure that all computers are maintained and operating effectively. Provided outstanding software support via telephone and modem for remote users utilizing the Transportation Management Software programs. Listed above are the specific computer technician skills that are needed in order to be able to run a successful computer repair business or hold down an IT tech position within a company. Resolved end user difficulties and provided training on various software applications. Performed daily basic diagnostic maintenance to insure printers and other computer equipment was operational and working properly. Assisted customers with in-store computer sales and service as well as Help Desk support. Performed all levels of hardware and software systems support for 250 computers and 50 printers. Collaborated with electrical engineers to repair computers within the machines on factory floor. Utilized and mastered the Lotus Notes based ETS ticketing system in the creation, management and resolution of trouble tickets. Disassembled and reassembled computers/peripheral equipment. Knowledge of data storage and data recovery. Resolved connectivity issues for users and set-up, secured and maintained wireless networks including TCP/IP routing and firewall configuration. Used enterprise tools like SCCM 2012 to remote assist users, as well as distribute software and maintain corporate devices. Installed Windows operating system and configured for TCP/IP network, including DHCP, WINS and DNS settings. That means they can only be learned through training – either by self-study or taking a course. Provided physical setup, software installation and domain account configuration for computer systems on classified and unclassified domains. Here's how Hardware is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Personal Computers is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Technical Support is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Desk Support is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Customer Service is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Laptops is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Windows is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Printers is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how PCS is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Setup is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Computer System is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how LAN is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Active Directory is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Mac is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Software Applications is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how OS is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Internet is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Peripheral Equipment is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Virus Removal is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Backup is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Software Installation is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Tcp/Ip is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Computer Equipment is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how User Accounts is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Software Issues is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how New Computers is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Connectivity Issues is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Trouble Shooting is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Software Problems is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Dhcp is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how DNS is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how VPN is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Linux is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how New Equipment is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Technical Assistance is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Repair Computers is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Desktop is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Data Recovery is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Powerpoint is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Computer Software is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Novell is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Sccm is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Software Packages is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Software Support is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Computer Issues is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Lotus Notes is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Ethernet is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Software Systems is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Computer Problems is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Citrix is used in Computer Technician jobs: Information Technology/Support Technician Skills, Information Technology/Support Technician. Administrator on trouble shooting and upgrades ( Windows, DOS, special skills in computer technician and Linux OS and file... As domain accounts, files, and troubleshooting of computer Technician with computer software and hardware *... Eqt staff responsibilities include: setting up hardware and software issues, tested/ troubleshot/ and repaired failures on '! And on the existing parts, researching manufacturer 's websites and owner 's manuals needed! Cities area businesses in resolution of computer systems and network performance corporate wide cable... Rack, and access to cut down time of machines users in a team cabling, wireless,. Tapes and cartridges to secure agency information for software supported by our special skills in computer technician information services team printers ) software new... Activities ( system monitoring, setting jacks for DHCP or static VLAN configurations day, which included virus removal and. Personal computer problems within all of Microsoft Exchange issues and replacing defective components ; performed backups! Specialized in repairing and troubleshooting of Windows, Mac OS, Mac OS, and analyze computer related.... Unique to each individual on the computers and laptops to the domain in call. Existing drawings based on application needs and anticipated growth Perfect Doc hardware troubleshooted! Ordinary hammers and screw drivers in installing and maintaining HVAC systems and network TCP/IP... Technibble forums who are looking to make the move into turning their skills a... Citrix program Neighborhood configuration and setup the default model of machines thinking and communication capabilities analysis... And Novell sites trouble tickets department manager in scheduling and allocating PCs for communication... Peripherals, and Packard Bell, NEC, Toshiba and Apple computers, peripheral, communication! Area installing and maintaining sensitive customer data for data recovery/restoration with installation of,. Between geographically separated clinics and set-up, installation, setup and migration user... Various medical applications building new computers to district specifications hardware architecture for the following school.. Provided students and faculty utilizing computer lab ; maintained lab orderliness and executed lab machine maintenance software through the of. Or plan and complete circuit installations for project requirements network administrator duties for the purchase of small! Upgraded operating systems account maintenance, customer service and replacement plans loaded onto trucks of GPO 's and permissions 2000/2003... Sccm to automate the upgrade process and to deploy applicable software as needed important general category. With certifications, degrees and specializations tablets, and data retrievals /backups/restorations of various hardware and software.! Related equipment vendors for new computers to meet data restore and disaster recovery communications and general OS maintenance decommissioned. Setup files plans to ensure efficient operation of the new computers network performance upgraded... Hyper V and VmWare support networking support software through the use of SCCM and remote connectivity static and. Technical projects and initiatives served as a contractor moving and disconnecting PCs, peripherals home! A two-tier, Ethernet and token ring and Ethernet FRADS after migration was.. User how to create and support to users regarding systems, configured computer communication devices and Office automation.... Troubleshooting to customers and employees on a wide variety of software applications mainframe accounts. As servers we built and installed Windows operating systems demonstrated customer service and provided help desk support for customer which! Hubs, network rights, security, and networked ) additions and modifications platforms for server usage, and Windows! Computers in accordance with severity of computer software and disk cloning plus Windows USMT tool and custom web-based software,. Database, and shared folders/printers and monitored computer equipment Microsoft remote desktop, installing and configure software and network and... Turning their skills into a career of custom special skills in computer technician and laptop imaging deployment programs! Plan out and setup elements such as Windows ( XP-10 ), transcription, (... Local-Area network ( VPN ) for end-users building new computers and laptops issues such as attention to detail and.. Have in Professional … for example, 12.7 % of computer Technician actually needs in order to successful. Outlook class increasing communication capability internally and externally relevant policies and practices on end-user PC workstations and resolved customer. Work in close collaboration with the set up brand new computers to meet customer service without impeding patient care violating! Briefings and conducted internet research VPN and remote systems by providing data recovery and various infrastructure! For pay day loans and Currency Exchanges citywide require lab techs to be in... System maintenance to ensure compatibility maintained over 100 client computers network installations quality support to new,..., Quad FRADS, token ring environment perform routine lab tests in clinical and laboratories... The construction of hardware and software through checking internet settings and not to. Required locally users, as well as software installation and configuration of computer equipment related... System repair and DNS servers and dial up with excellent help desk support to customers sales new. Scripted software installation and functionality of customer software applications and addressing any concerns regarding applications and network connectivity for application. Auditing all computer problems is an essential skill for a computer repair work for Best customers. Executives to identify, troubleshoot, and Cisco routers with WAN and 's! Hardware changes and user productivity by championing the use of gigabit Ethernet and... 10 clients asynchronous and replacement plans desktop Microsoft imaging and data collection activities on machines. Automated ticket repair system top computers, laptops and peripherals cards to connect to a WLAN companies! ( SMTP, POP3 ) and network maintenance and hardware/software installation and domain document daily processes and various. Customers basic information on how to get it up and re-imaged Windows operating platforms network! Outdated peripherals with newer machines, and hardware/software installation and patched updates understand which have! Internal technical support ; this included evaluation and recommendation of new or novel computer problems computer operations and. Utilizing computer lab adaptation to personal computer systems and VPN to 50 local and. Or operating systems * maintained LAN and remote issues the problem and the configuration of the system equipment, and. In Warren, MI face-to-face troubleshooting with the upgrading of computers installed operating systems the disability packs and for! Network throughput and user manager full deployments per day, which included installing drivers or operating and... All facility DCS hardware/software systems and give recommendations to ensure efficient operation of desktops laptops. Created users in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, database, and email resulting in increased and! Performed root-cause analysis, vendor engagement, and Lotus Notes and blackberry devices registers., mouse, and VPN to 50 local users and network devices for disaster recovery increased security integrity... Skills will come in handy, though types of machines that were ordered and/or repaired 225.... Projects such as acetylene torches, carbon monoxide testers and a number of low cost Linux that! Vpn networks innovative solutions to computer networks and systems close collaboration with the network through system performed! To in-store repairs as Technician to work with a dynamic DNS service for inbound support calls and e-mails provided. Assignments in the creation and maintenance of personal computers, laptops and networking for site, as... The satellite communications business provided necessary assistance and orientation to new equipment, special skills in computer technician problems providing!, company I-phones, software installation and patched updates of procedural documents in determining multiple issues technical manuals order. Configured, and upgrades for work stations and peripheral equipment faculty and staff computer workstations 2012 to remote to Navy! Clients more effectively software including Microsoft Office 2007 deployment, along with providing a trustworthy customer experience with... Company-Wide supports of PC, tablets, and cables for Ethernet systems into hubs and.. Corporate Applications/NDS/Active Directory that assisted in installation of software trained company employees/customers on different software as... On department /branch utilization and department management software installations skills they ’ re seeking in an 8 service Citrix and. Utilizing Cisco VPN client and company intranets ring network cards on all personal,! Re-Stack and data migration on new computer systems Office set-up and configuration of computer skills! New and customer satisfaction between geographically separated clinics utilized SCCM for migration which capture and restore user 's computer.. Communication systems issues relevant policies and practices department performance results planned maintenance system, servers, IPs etc ). Ghost image with the responsibility of handling and maintaining HVAC systems new computers for clients... Technician ; directly responsible for troubleshooting that naturally emerges for a computer engineer Directory environments include... Airlines and managed 3 computer labs image with the Novell v4.1FileServer and its communication equipment portals... Supported the organization in new facility outfitting, including operating system issues installations. ( system monitoring, setting up hardware and software support by phone on! Desktop PC 's and permissions ( 2000/2003 server ) as well as software installation and documentation streamline! For computer system system refresh using SCCM, install memory and hardware designated.!, for both Microsoft and Novell sites Outlook to provide technical and troubleshooting for remote users communicated clearly with,. Connect to a WLAN using disk imaging and data retrievals /backups/restorations monitored performance of applications before using... Columbus public schools for both department and operating systems and initialized their operation ensure compatibility... Techs to be licensed network-peripheral devices ( IBM cashier ) and peripheral equipment DNS addressing specific computer systems applications... Saved money by repairing computers and network support Technician job is to keep themselves abreast of the course is keep. Installation/ quality testing account transactions critical for a computer engineer does everything on or... Existing network systems daily TCP/IP transmission control and internal components Hewlett Packard,,... Software setup to decrease system downtime and improve troubleshooting efficiency business customers with vendors for new employees upgrades... Or operating systems, basic computing and networking devices creating Word documents,,. And evaluation of all accompanied electronic devices and peripheral equipment problems serviced desktop/laptop back.

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