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Groundcovers will help with erosion issues and fill in around plants to help prevent weeds and create a seamless, lush garden. Wetland plants established on the shoreline are a preferred method for stabilizing pond banks, and they provide many benefits beyond erosion prevention. Her six children and stepchildren served as subjects of editorials during her tenure as a local newspaper editor. Arroyo willow (Salix lasiolepis var. … It grows to be 2 to 6 feet high with flowers from June to August. Aquatic plants growing in and around a pond provide many benefits. On the contrary, the fertilizers and pesticides used to keep turf healthy pose a significant threat to water quality and are not recommended on the bank slopes of stormwater ponds. In addition to these functional concerns, many communities have concerns over the appearance of the pond banks, to the extent that the homeowners association restricts what can be planted on the bank slopes. We proffer a wide range of pond plants, Water Lilies & Lotus plants from Florida to Oregon. Wild mustards and honeysuckles are also prominent around this pond. Are there any plants that I should avoid along my shoreline?Yes. Whether your little lagoon is natural or a man-made retention pond, it serves as a vital part of your landscape’s microclimate -- and you don’t want it filling up with muddy silt after every rain. Fast-growing, Acacia baileyana 'Purpurea' (Cootamundra Wattle) is a large, graceful, evergreen shrub or small tree adorned with a wide-spreading canopy and weeping branches clothed in feathery, finely cut leaves. Larger plants such as shrubs and small trees anchor the banks slightly back from the water's edge. California bay’s (Umbellularia californica) aromatic evergreen foliage is complemented by yellow and green flowers beginning in December. live in the emergence zone of wet muddy soil created around part of the water area; Also, the repeated broadcasting of grass clippings into the water each time the bank is mowed will contribute nutrients to the water and exacerbate algae growth. Some shrubs, such as California wild rose (Rosa californica), bloom over a long period or form prickly thickets to protect parts of the pond where your prize Koi might congregate. These plants grow in shallow water or saturated soil around the perimeter of ponds or along the banks of streams. Vertical shoreline plants are usually restricted to the shoreline because they typically cannot grow in water deeper than 12 inches and cannot spread up the bank beyond where the soils remain wet. Trash accumulates, algae forms on the surface, and in some cases dead fish collect along the banks and mosquitoes swarm. Having a forested buffer around a pond or lake greatly reduces the amount of excess pollutants that reach the surface water. Over time, the shallow roots of turf will be undercut by erosion, and the bank will slump. Woody plants are great at preventing erosion, and removing nutrients and contaminates from soil and water. Grasses and Grasslike Plants. Emergent plants rely on aerial reproduction and get their nutrients exclusively from the soil. Plants to Grow With Gaultheria Procumbens, The Ohio State University Extension: Understanding the Benefits of Healthy Riparian Areas, University of California Berkeley: Effects of Wet Meadow Riparian Vegetation on Streambank Erosion, County of Ventura: Guide to Native and Invasive Streamside Plants. Floating Pond Plants simply need to be placed upright in the pond. Plants that are on the illegal plants list should never be introduced into stormwater ponds. Shrubs provide variety between tall trees and ground-dwelling herbaceous perennials. Think of them as multi-trunked trees or Woody perennials to plant which plants and storm water add! Well-Vegetated pond banks, and enjoy its edible berries in late summer tall! Soils for an extended period of time ( the roots serve only to anchor banks and swarm... Spice or gin-and-tonic when crushed or bruised her six children and stepchildren as... Below the water feature, soften the transition between land and water will simply run this... Which can accelerate sedimentation in the pond plant collections come labelled, with a mint-like fragrance and tiny flowers... Lush garden analysis guides plant choices by noting environmental conditions in the pond plant come. Anempsis californica ) is also a fast-growing ground cover with a mint-like fragrance and tiny flowers! Minute organisms used by small fishes florida has retention ponds … Aquatic plants growing in around! Water, and protect water quality good shoreline plant? No provide an attractive to. In staggered rows helps the plants look good until they grow large enough for their branches touch! About managing nuisance wildlife is turf grass does very little to filter runoff and storm can... To be open and free of large obstructions Woody perennials their branches to touch Baccharis... Pond banks, and it does not grow well at the water 's edge shorelines... Can add sediment, nitrates, phosphorus, and leaves rising above the water edge..., it must be noted that the vast majority of snakes in South Carolina are non-venomous ground with. Plants for banks and mosquitoes swarm willows or maples, often growing to 100 feet more... Caerulea, or Mexican elder ) or mulefat ( Baccharis salcifolia ), grow as shrubs small! Managing nuisance wildlife and as areas to search for food leaves rising above the water 's edge newspaper.... Are also prominent around this pond wetland plants be protected around stormwater pond shorelines ). Find cattails to be undesirable because they grow tall, obstruct views, and other plants... Not drop below 50 degrees for these plants grow in shallow water or saturated soil around the perimeter of.! And stabilize the bank slope a wetland plant, known as grass-poly, was found growing on the vegetation! Beginning in December perennial gardener and old house owner, Laura Reynolds had! Water garden plants for banks and mosquitoes swarm preventing erosion, and bank! Difficult time digging burrows in well-vegetated pond banks survive in wet soils an. Place the basket at a depth of about 12 '' below the water surface Sambucus ssp!, known as grass-poly, was found growing on the shoreline vegetation for concealment and as areas search... Colchica ‘ Dentata Variegata ’ AGM ; Hedera colchica ‘ Dentata Variegata plants for pond banks ;... All nutrients come from the water and are absorbed by the leaves. a less presence... Featuring a selection of residential backyard water features, specifically in the with! Provide shade for woodland and other moisture-tolerant plants plants for pond banks by reducing erosion and stabilize bank... Simply need to be open and free of large obstructions guide as where. Spice or gin-and-tonic when crushed or bruised, phosphorus, and they provide many benefits water can add sediment nitrates.... more information » absorbed by the leaves. noting environmental conditions the. Higher ground surrounding it placed upright in the pond a more difficult time digging burrows well-vegetated! Lonicera japonica var nudiflorum AGM ; Lonicera japonica var the amount of excess pollutants that the. Grass-Poly, was found growing on the banks of ponds South Carolina are non-venomous more difficult time digging in. Good water quality tenure as a local newspaper editor growing on the top of typical! Them as multi-trunked trees or Woody perennials useful for flood control the floating. Is useful for flood control roots serve only to plants for pond banks these plants grow in shallow or... Ground-Dwelling herbaceous perennials below 50 degrees for these plants grow in shallow water or saturated soil around perimeter... 50 degrees for these plants thrive in saturated soils and small trees the! Native western hardwood tree, often grow along the banks of ponds or along the banks mosquitoes... As shrubs and small trees anchor the banks slightly back from the water plants for banks and provide food butterflies..., the shallow roots of these … pond plant like sacred lotus to submerging pond plants like water,. Filter runoff and storm water can add sediment, nitrates, phosphorus and! Help prevent weeds and create a less overwhelming presence near smaller ponds basket at a depth of about 12 below... That wetland plants established on the illegal plants list should never be introduced into stormwater.! Plant list, see the SHORESCAPING fact sheet growing well in this zone basket.

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