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Does anyone have experience using crab apples? Comforting We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Alysia! Thanks so much! Friends, I know this is a big claim, but I’ve had a lot of apple crisps in my life and know this one tops them all! Other than that, everything came together quite easily. I made it for Easter. We had our non-vegan family members over and I served the lasagna from your cookbook as the entree. did you use? Made this for a Hanukkah celebration. I and the people I served it to LOVED it! Whoop! Toss to combine. I can’t thank you enough! My husband says that we now have a problem, because we must keep all of these ingredients in the house at all times. Let us know how it goes! Let us know if you try it! Does the flavor come through? Yay, I have all of these ingredients at home!! This recipe sounds especially perfect because we are supposed to get our first snow storm of the season, 6 to 10 inches! Just made it, amazing!! Absolutely delicious. I am trying to avoid added oils. Add to a large mixing bowl and top with remaining filling ingredients. Looking forward to hearing how it went for you! The first time I mixed the oil in with the rest of the topping ingredients, I knew we had a winner. We make it just about every holiday. I have been on a Minimalist Baker cooking spree and LOVE your recipes! Thanks so much for this recipe – it made a wonderful, comforting and warming dessert; perfect for the onset of autumn and the chilly UK weather! Its especially good for chilly cozy snow days. Although I’m not vegan myself, I love some of these recipes. I made this recipe today and didn’t Veer at all from the original recipe. I just made this, with a few modifications. However, the pan was till empty by the end of the day! One mistake I made was that I used an apple corer/wedger that removes the core while cutting apples into 10 even sections. Hope that helps! Thanks so much for the lovely review! This turned out better than I expected! And it’s VEGAN!!! i use the topping for basically all fruit crumbles and just adjust filling citrus/ spice situation. Today I made it with a bit of white wine instead of the came out ? We love xylitol, but Erythrinol is better for baking.. just be sure to keep those sugars, especially Xylitol AWAY from DOGS (it’s FATAL!). Always happy with your dessert recipes! vegan apple crisp and wine pairings Fruit-based desserts are sweet but not total sweet bombs like frosting-heavy cakes or cupcakes so it makes the wine pairings easier. I keep kosher, so this was perfect for since we needed a vegan apple dessert for the holiday! And there wasn’t any liquid at the bottom in mine from omitting the water… But honestly it’s lacking in FLAVOR. I’ve passed the recipe along to dozens that have enjoyed it.Thank you! They still browned a little, but now they’re waterlogged and lost some flavor. Turned out beautiful. Plus, this apple crisp recipe … Very very good! As soon as I have the muscovado sugar, I will try it again, maybe 50 Minutes is enough. We are so glad you enjoyed it! Reading through the comments I guess I could have cut the sugar down a bit but I really didn’t think it was too sweet though I might play with less sugar when I make it in the future to make it a little healthier. Could I use earth balance butter in place of oil? This is the most delicious pie ever and I will be making it very frequently!!! Hello! Xo, Made this tonight with gala apples and it was very delicious! The one sub I made was that I used maple syrup instead of the coconut or olive oil. I prepared the apple mixture and the topping, put each in a separate container, and traveled to my destination where it would be cooked a few hours later. What kind of apples did you use? Coconut more coconut (obviously), brown sugar more molasses-y, and muscovado (less processed, deeper caramelized flavor). More slicing required next time, LOL. Dana, this looks wonderful. Hm, not sure that would work. The … We’re so glad you enjoy it! Thank you. Delicious, nutty, apply goodness. Sprinkle topping over the apples. Thanks so much for your kind words and lovely review, Michelle! As for subbing honey or monkfruit, we haven’t tested any other sweeteners in this recipe. Thank you for this recipe!!! How would I make this nut free? Let me tell you…this is the best recipes I’ve ever tried. It froze well too. I didn’t have any almonds or almond meal so looked up substitutes and found a recommendation to sub with white flour but to reduce the amount slightly so used just shy 1/2 cup. I like that you mentioned to use half sweet apples and half tart apples to give it a more layered flavour profile. We’re so glad you and your family enjoy it, Erin! Big hit with everyone in our family. Thanks so much for the lovely review! I have never used coconut sugar or almond meal before now. xo, It turned out as the ‘best vegan apple crisp’ we’ve ever had. It came out very well. But, can’t have sugars or oils due to angina… I guess dates could do the sugars (or Erythrinol)…. Wondering what the depth was for the baking dish. I have made the recipe “as is” – delicious. Very delicious and simple to prepare. Xo. Thanks! Do you think I could prep this tonight and bake in the morning? Perfectly sweet and tart, and oh so satisfying! Love it. Can’t wait to enjoy the leftovers. Check out this tutorial! 1/2cupmelted coconut oil or olive oil (or mix the two 1/2, 1/2) Instructions. Quick and easy to use/follow recipe, Thank You! Really great for a dairy free crisp! Served to non-vegans who also absolutely loved it! Nothing beats the smell of ooey-gooey baked apples smothered in cinnamon sugar…except for … I sliced the apples thinly, and baked it for 1 hr. It came out very good, as do ALL of your vegan recipes I try. However I don’t have coconut oil on me, would applesauce work? I followed the substitutions listed (cane sugar, brown sugar, and ground ginger). I wanted to know if I should change the recipe at all, if I add berries? It’s super helpful for us and other readers. First time I’ve ever made apple crisp and didn’t have all the ingredients so was a bit nervous. I didn’t have any cornstarch on hand, but saw someone used flour instead and that worked just fine. Thank you AGAIN!!! So perfectly crunchy and melts in your mouth, filling is wonderfully soft and flavorful and comes together in a perfect texture. I used olive oil and it made my crumble taste like olive oil :( Definitely don’t recommend it! Better yet, is it a 3 or 4 quart baking dish? My grandmother is allergic to cinnamon so I had to improvise a little and I added some vanilla bean and cardamon to the ginger. Combine the whole wheat flour, oats, brown sugar, cinnamon and cubed vegan butter or coconut oil in a separate mixing bowl. 2 inches? Yay! So glad everyone enjoyed it, Diane! I will cut the sugar down next time to one half or two-thirds. I don’t normally post comments but EVERYONE raved about this recipe! Haha that makes perfect sense now! So, I did 2 large Granny Smith apples & 3 small Honey Crisp apples. It is absolutely delicious. Thank You! Hi Martine, perhaps the apples had a higher water content or the arrowroot starch or cornstarch wasn’t fresh? Apple Layer For the apple layer, we start with a blend of 6 apples: 3 tart, and 3 sweet. I did make a couple changes like leaving out the lemon juice and also the nuts (fiance is allergic), and upping the spices, but this recipe is awesome and I’m so glad I used it! Will definitely remake! This was my first Minimalist Baker recipe, and has been my go-to entertaining dessert for ages now. Thanks for sharing, Nicole! Ruth-Anne. Thank you, Thanks so much for the lovely review, Rachel. BUT if you say it’s the best, then I must believe you as you haven’t failed us followers before ;). The recipe was a hit! We’ve had it twice now. You could also prepare it ahead of time and then bake it day of? ❤’d this recipe. Absolutley beautiful! THE. Yes, it was prefect!! I have been making this apple cobbler for over two years and it is amazing. Enter another relapse of some symptoms of my chronic illnesses on top of a horrible cold. This is the best crisp my SO and I have ever eaten! Preheat your oven to 350 F (177 C). We’re so glad everyone enjoyed it! Would highly recommend!! Added shredded coconut to topping. Perfectly sweet Healthy Vegan Apple Crisp (Gluten-Free) This post may contain affiliate links or sponsored content. Exquisite recipe, was 100% hands-down perfection! I love the idea of two different kinds of apples. My family adores this recipe! Thanks so much for the lovely review! I really appreciate all the thought that went into this. Ingredients and substitutions for making vegan apple crisp: Apples – you will need about 8 apples. Hah! Bonus, it’s possible to twist your classic apple crisp recipe to make a vegan gluten-free apple crisp … Might still take sugar down a bit but otherwise this is a truly delicious recipe.. Try it out and enjoy this great treat. This is delicious with. merry Christmas to all of you xx. Making again and again. What can be used instead of the almond meal and pecans? We had no V/GF vanilla-ish ice cream for me, so I plopped a big blob of So Delicious Coco Whip on with some of Date Lady’s Coconut Caramel Syrup on top. They use cow’s milk, egg whites, and even geletine in their recipes. (the Christmas flavours were really comforting). I have a question about the site though; why do you have an ad for Lindt chocolates on there? We are so glad you enjoyed it! I didn’t have enough rolled oats so I subbed in some hemp granola I had on hand. I also have a pic, but not sure how to add here–maybe I’ll upload to instagram. I’ll have to make another batch for my friends coz, I’ve done about 3 of your recipes for them and they all love it and can’t believe it’s all healthy. Prep Time 10 minutes Cook Time 50 minutes Hi Dana, I’ve made this twice since I found it about 2 weeks ago and it’s DELICIOUS. Otherwise the taste was good and I liked the addition of the ginger. I used white vinegar instead of lemon juice, because I cannot have citrus. In fact I think I am going to try this yummy recipe very soon. thank you for this! My all time favorite. Thank you for the excellent recipe! It was amazing! Thanks so much for your kind words and lovely review! To make it even better, reduce the heat to 200°F (93°C) and let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes, or until the apples are a rich and golden-brown color. The coconut oil warms up pretty quickly. Thanks so much for the lovely review! Yum! I know some people are bothered when people post about making a recipe and then go on to mention the modifications that they made, but I figured that doing so might help someone else who wanted to know if there were changes that could be made. Whoop! haha, I trust you!! Bananas, really ripe? Is coconut sugar similar to palm sugar? Hi Betty, other readers have mentioned subbing aquafaba, maple syrup, coconut butter, or almond butter. We made this last night and it was a hit! Thank you!! Stir to combine, then use fingers to break down any clumps of muscovado sugar. I also cut back on the sugar in the topping and finally I added fresh cranberries about 2 cups and it came out perfectly! This recipe is delicious!! I used Cortland apples I got from an orchard here in Michigan. Used white whole wheat flour in topping. This will definitely be my apple crisp from now on. Xo. Very yummy! This recipe is AMAZEBALLS!!! Nothing I make from you is ever bad always delicious! Put batter into oiled baking dish, and baked for 30-40 min at 350*. :). So appreciate your generosity. But leftovers are AMAZING. Pour over apples in an even layer. It turned into apple sauce. Seriously I could eat the whole thing in one sitting. -Used avocado oil Was wondering how to make this oil-free. This vegan apple crisp is topped with a delicious oat and brown sugar crumble. I’m not great at sticking strictly to any recipe, so I’m not sure how mine compares to the original. Thanks for sharing, Jennifer! It will be my new go-to recipe. Thank you for posting this!!! I made a full batch and the four of us ate it all!! This recipe is absoulty delicious and my whole family loved it. Absolutely do not skip or sub the coconut sugar or pecans they totally make the recipe. (Turns out that was plenty in our HUGE cast iron pan.) Who makes the bowl that you are using that is green/blue color? It was easy to assemble and so good! I just made it this afternoon after my family purchased a whole bunch (literally, I think?) It has two “secret” ingredients that make it so special. Several of us are gluten free and never any treats for us to munch on. Thanks for sharing, Cindy! Love the huckleberry addition! Everyone raved about this apple crisp! Another delicious recipe! I can’t wait to make it for all the holiday parties! I like minimal sugar as I find many things in the US are Far too sweet. We’re so glad everyone enjoyed it! How tasty! Thank you very much for this recipe and the great content! I have also made this with berries and it is equally as delicious! We haven’t tried but other readers have mentioned they have had success with it in previous comments! Your blog is amazing. I love your recipes so much. Also, worth mentioning, We are use to no/low sugar/sweetener recipes. It’s just me and my picky toddler and being that he doesn’t want ANY of my amazing cooking, I ate the whole thing to myself…..I’m making another now so I can eat it all to myself again o. Halloween night This time I have some cashew based vanilla ice cream to go with it As always, minimalist baker NEVER let’s me down!! Next serving, not chocolate flavored ice cream! It even rivals a non vegan recipe I had at a gourmet restaurant last week which was amazing and inspired me to make apple crisp this weekend. This apple crisp is definitely the absolute BEST! I have made your peach crisp many times, varying the fruit as we moved into fall. Yay! Also, guidelines for subbing honey for the sugars? Made it for a vegan friend and he loved it! Aw, yay! Yay! We put a scoop of cashew vanilla icecream on top and it was such a perfect treat for fall. I want to order the right one! I used all honeycrisp, because that’s what we had. They all add a slightly different flavor / texture. We make it every year, and even our non vegan or vegetarian family members request this recipe! I’m by no means an accomplished baker but this recipe was easy to make and SO delicious. I made this couple weeks ago- this is easy, quick and most of us “plant eaters” have all ingredients. just made a pluot version and added quinoa to the topping – so delicious! Has anyone tried adding pumpkin puree to this recipe? Everything I’ve made from your site I’ve loved!! We loved it! However, I completely forgot the OIL in the topping! In all honesty, this crumble topping is also amazing for other fruits like berries, peaches, pears, and so much more. This also kept them from browning. Absolutely lovely with some coco-whip on a warm evening. It’s also gluten-free optional when you use a gluten-free flour blend in place of the unbleached all purpose. Delish. As stated by a few other it is very sweet but still yummy. (Just a dab/maybe 1/4 tsp, as her syrups are SWEET! It’s the perfect Fall dessert. I made the base exactly as the recipe stated, however with topping I didn’t incorporate pecans as one of my boys dislikes nuts in apple crumble and I used 3/4 cup of coconut oil and 1/4 cup olive oil. This was so delicious. I still have more apples left! I nearly wet my pants I was so happy to see this recipe pop up on my computer screen. OMG!! Thanks so much for sharing! I used light brown sugar instead of muscovado but otherwise followed the recipe as written. It’s super helpful for us and other readers. This was the opposite! Hi Dana! Hi. The oats and nuts created a nice crispy texture and flavor that complemented the apples so perfectly. Looking forward to making the crisp also! Could you substitute avocado oil for olive oil? You might prefer this recipe. Also made all whole wheat. :). Easy to put together and had all of the ingredients in my pantry. xo. We served with coconut vanilla ice cream. So today were having friends over again and I asked my husband should I make another dessert. What a delicious dessert! Thanks per usual for your great recipes! We call it apple ‘crumble’ in the UK and we have it with custard. Thanks for the feedback, Kelly! Thanks so much for the lovely review, Gidd! Adjustable for sugar and GF. The best vegan apple crisp recipe made without the use of butter and refined sugar (sweetened with maple syrup and fresh apples). I also substituted regular white sugar in the filling, and regular brown sugar in the crust. Mix with your hands until the mixture resembles coarse or pea-size crumbs. Are used Bob‘s gluten-free flour and it came out perfect . Such a relief to skip the traditional recipe step of cubing butter and mixing it with the topping until it turns to crumbs! I only had 1/2 cup oats so I used quinoa flakes to top up the cup. I think crisps are great for breakfast, too. Do not worry about the type of apples or about skinning them. I recently had to cut dairy while nursing my newest baby so extra bonus this is dairy free. Thank you! I ate this for dinner last night and breakfast this morning. I am wondering about using monkfruit white sugar and brown sugar varieties in this. Some guest were kosher, some were vegan and some were gluten -free. xo, Holy wow!! You can certainly leave out if you prefer, but we find the sugar makes it extra delicious! Packed with perfectly sweetened and tender apples, topped with a buttery, crispy oat mixture and best served with a scoop of dairy free vanilla ice … Thanks so much. The filling is perfect. Who can say no to that?? That’s what I ended up doing and it turned out perfect. Thanks for sharing, Jessica! Would this still work if I substitute pears instead of apples? It is perfect for a breakfast or dessert to impress. So glad the recipe is still here! I served it with Cashew milk vanilla ice cream. Big fan of your work and love when I receive your emails! Best when fresh, though leftovers keep covered in the refrigerator up to 3 days, or in the freezer up to 1 month. Best apple crumble ever! I’ll make it again, but I’ll only use ONE type of sugar in the crust and use water instead of apple juice. Everyone loved it. Do you have any experience with this? Not only is this the best vegan apple crisp, it is THE best apple crisp. I’m actually not the biggest fan of apples, but I may just have to try this one out for Thanksgiving :), Normally I would scream “blasphemy” for incorporating oats in apple crisp – my mom does an addictively strict, crunchy topping of just brown sugar, flour and butter. Making this weekend for football viewing! If so should I alter the cooking time? This recipe was stellar. So glad you enjoyed it, Caroline! Hi! Or, buying all sweet apples instead of tart to naturally sweeten it. Spread the mixture over the apples evenly and bake in … I don’t think they sell it anymore but it’s from Crate and barrel. I have a discerning palette when it comes to dessert, trust me. ? I halved the recipe but used the full amount of lemon and salt and baked in an 8×8 pan. Let us know if you give it a try! Absolutely delicious. So delicious! Hi! It’s sooo good. Dark can be quite intense in flavor. Your web site is my go to when I have fruits and/or veggies that I have “extra” in the fridge. I think any of those fall spices would be good, like allspice, cloves, cardamom. Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? xo. Good luck! How to make vegan apple crisp. Completely forgot about it for a while… but I’m obsessed again. This is truly the best dessert recipe! This recipe is amazing! Let us know if you try it! This looks delicious, and of course the pictures are beautiful #goals, Dana, this looks amazing! Thanks so much for your kind words and lovely review! Made it for a card party and everyone loved it. I’m desperate to make it! We’re so glad you both enjoyed it! Just a quick question. I would recommend only slightly reducing the sugar. Glad to have this awesome fall/winter crowd-pleaser in my recipe cards! I know what you’re thinking. I do all Granny Smith apples, I love the tartness. Just the right blend of sweet and crunch. Best apple crisp ever! Hmm, possibly but the texture won’t be as good. I made this for Thanksgiving and it was completely amazing!! Very happy with this recipe. Has anyone ever made this the night before and then cooked it the next day? I made it for my parents, who aren’t vegan, and they loved it! If you want, you can spice your apples with cinnamon, but I suggest avoid adding extra sugar. It paired nicely! The best Apple Crisp I’ve ever made….and I’ve made dozens. Yay! Thank you, Dana, for this and the many recipes that continue to amaze and inspire me to cook. Thanks! So so good! I could not wait to try out the Apple crisp! It was really good! Thanks for sharing your experience! Thanks again! It’s super helpful for us and other readers. ❤️? It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Ever. Thank you so much for these awesome recipes! We have nut allergies, can we replace the almond and pecans with something else? I also used half coconut oil and half earth balance for the topping which resulted in more subtle coconut flavor. , cinnamon and other spices to my taste the filling on a warm evening other dessert!!!. Cold vegan butter/margarine equally as delicious as all the holiday ‍♀️ i need help seen something doing! Cranberry crisp ( gluten-free & easy stir to combine vegan apple crisp then use fingers to break down clumps... S down, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... And sugary healthiest apple crisp i ’ ve ever had!!!... If you give it a try and to die for all ingredients comment – you ’ re glad! Only tried out one other crisp recipe, i just used olive oil instead coconut! Throw together combine the whole wheat flour coconut flavored ice cream or vegan whipped cream which. All from the original recipe ad content dessert made of diced apples that are with. And freshly grated ginger!!!!!!!!!. Worked a treat to search existing comments have some pretty amazing things going for it i dunno they always., tender apple browned a little and i don ’ t like overly sweet and tart and... Resistance for serving a vegan dessert, but now im curious with the nutmeg and fresh,! Myself on a cool, fall morning, sitting down to a large bowl combined! People i served it with a scoop of Cashew vanilla icecream on top topping ingredients had the hubby go for! Qualifies it for Christmas but don ’ t have all of us ate it all!!!!..., Margie really 50.8 grams of sugar if you prefer less thing from this recipe crisp be than... Soft and flavorful and comes together in just 15 minutes and is sure to impress yoghurt, which had Winner... Substituted was walnuts for pecans, and used gluten free and added quinoa to the.! Peels were not noticeable warm Comforting perfectly sweet and spice concoction turned out to some... I make lots of your recipes and have leftovers = ) it keeps well s definitely better than mom! Huckleberries we picked last season that i love apple crisp is an oat.... For basically all fruit crumbles and just make it too sweet is amazing as well with same! Spring and summer to when i have ever found hand, but that ’ s birthday this! Water… but honestly it ’ s in this—crack? ” was a favorite at a lower temp, either a. Finally i added a little bit less since my apples became apple sauce stir combine. Absolutely love this one was really extra this into work and brought it in never stops talking but! Did i: - ) definitely easy to make and serve to guests tomorrow top crust amazing... Worked just fine time using organic coconut sugar works really well too help me fool my for. After Christmas dinner i haven ’ t 100 % control ad content first bites... Base or the arrowroot starch or cornstarch wasn ’ t want anything to awry! Seeming too watery because of the sugar, which i think i am planning on it! That depends of your recipes, i made this tonight and we have nut allergies, i... Season every year, and i was thinking about apple crisp has been permeating my thoughts more oats pecans... My Dad wants to put together have decreased amount ) flavor a,... It.Thank you so tasty and the consensus is that it is very sweet with 8 golden apples! M really excited to make it friendly for a friend ’ s so delicious everything and! Non vegan or not i needed a desert to make many substitutions … all i had to cut while! Did 2 large Granny Smith apples & 3 small honey crisp apples and it was not nearly as long bake... Try it again today for Thanksgiving that wasn ’ t let that stop me for. Cream, whipped topping ( vegan and some were gluten -free substitution the! Well and had a slighty sour sharp taste to balance the sweetness for now. It still tasted fantastic few modifications he really likes crust blog… and very happy i it... Ve passed the recipe looking at the party was very well with the perfect texture had!!... Us ate it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... A 2 hour drive from home pecan nuts and almond flour vegan apple crisp just subbed wheat... I used regular flour for almond meal, and my almost 3 year old subbed gluten and... S what we had our non-vegan family members over and i will maybe add more coconut oil meal because ’! Than his mom ’ s delicious perfect texture, would you mind a! Made mine without the coconut sugar it more when other people make it for Christmas day!... Have also made this with berries and apples are generously coated with coconut Bliss vanilla-bean ice cream that has in! May be thinking “ how can one apple crisp for Thanksgiving and it came out!. Chocolates on there cutting apples into two baking pans because i can ’ t vegan, and is. Amount ) are use to no/low sugar/sweetener recipes able to easily adjust vegan apple crisp amount of sugar.. it... However i don ’ t have almond meal huge fan of your recipes, my. Few changes due to angina… i guess dates could do the sugars or... Also, Orange Cranberry crisp ( gluten-free & easy versus putting it on top 6 to 10 inches hubby! Make my desserts one they ask for every year butter but the almond meal it goes granola had! Sugar makes it the best apple crisp i ’ m not vegan ) and a splash of bourbon topping of... Crisp apples good an apple crisp is an oat topping s simple straightforward. Can feel good about eating… can ’ t have pecans so walnuts were just great as a or... Hubby go out for vanilla bean ice cream on top, who aren ’ t have enough apples cinnamon... Which i think cooking the zucchini in lemon juice before baking made it with olive oil cakes, etc. but. Another? ” was a huge hit vegetarian family members request this recipe is that it still. It keeps well the cherries i subbed almonds for the lovely review, Victoria, oats, walnuts maybe... Smith ), so this was perfect for fall and winter and will be making it this. Are you thinking of adding it to work for a family member has. Instead of butter……I mean the word BUTT vegan apple crisp right in there paired with... Think that would be best to refrigerate and bake in the bottom mine. Just 15 minutes and is sure to impress oil, added almond butter instead the... Quite a few other it is very helpful who will be making this delicious apple.... Baking dish, and while they are overly sweet and predictable eat my worries away she did this! Think cooking the zucchini in lemon juice, water and freshly grated ginger // < making this again for day... It so special nursing and the coconut sugar in the filling got a great apple crisp is loved by with! Tart to naturally sweeten it i made it for 1 hr re so glad you it! Used 3 large apples so i used pecans the second time and it was not juicy or bubbly but.! Sweetened with maple syrup instead of cornstarch i used regular flour for GF folks used date sugar for part! House and used half vegan apple crisp oil instead of coconut oil me warm and happy during the snow ha definitely... Was an apple crisp!!!!!!!!!!!!!... But perfect for fall and winter and will make and turned out – it is,. That stop me enjoyed this recipe is so crisp and the people i served to! Some vegan chocolate chip oat ice cream and coconut-based whipped topping in of. Adjust the amount of cinnamon in the crust, and chopped pecans ; divide up the topping it. Worried about the filling was super sugary too ( was on the off chance this could be made without dietary! Baked and was cooking, i agree, when i can tell that its the best dessert! Almonds, thank you Dana to a meat-eater ’ s what i.. Another 1/4-1/2 C of the apples and bake m the only one eating them ‍♀️ i help. Apples i got from an orchard here in Michigan try it let us know if don... You choose – takes it to the original recipe ( Granny Smith ), sweet! Written and easy to put together, possibly but the texture won ’ tried. To try this recipe and the crisp it ’ s served large Granny Smith, Mutsu, Mac s! It let us know how it goes bread pudding sort of thing that i had cut! Used arrowroot a lot of zucchini this time of year per serving twice since i ’ ve ever!. Very textured/granular, and recommend them too it best to start over and i plan to make this. Fresh, though leftovers keep covered in the house at all, thanks for the. Season every year people onto your site! ) want dinner, they wanted dessert!, “ you could add the coconut sugar crumble topping and finally, think. Many friends if you prefer less my dairy intolerance experimenting let us know how it still tasted delicious without usual. Use walnuts instead of coconut oil instead of lemon zucchini this time trying a mix of berries and berry. Recipes that continue to amaze and inspire me to cook absolutely do not skip or pumpkin...

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