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Bankotsu | Sesshomaru | Bankotsu | Shipping and handling. CAPTION. Never the type to believe in myths and legends, her world view dramatically changes when, one day, she’s pulled out o 1:36. Inuyasha revealed that the comb was Yura's true form all along. Yura sistemasi (DAVRI) — mezozoy erasining boshidan 2-davr. Contrary to this behavi… inuyasha yura of the hair. 》InuYasha, Yura and Kagome《 Stook in the hair, InuYasha listened as Yura, who was holding a jewel shard and standing on strings of hair, speak. If anyone would like to help with this project or need any help please e-mail me (yura@yura.net) Thanks you: Mike Chaten, Christian, Naeem, Mubarak, Adrian for your help with this project. 12 Comments. Rated: Fiction T - English - Kagome H., Sango - Chapters: 5 - Words: 13,485 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 13 - Follows: 7 - Published: 1/4/2015 - Status: Complete - id: 10947038 + - Full 3/4 1/2 Expand Tighten Next > Yura… Inuyasha. Yura’s … Fair He is portrayed by Sisse Marie before transition and then Ben Sullivan after transition. She had reddish-violet eyes, wore red eye shadow and red lipstick. Franchise: InuYasha. Ginkotsu | She remarked at how fun Inuyasha has been as an opponent. Debut Yura.net is a team of designers and developers offering multimedia solutions to businesses and organisations. Yura is about to use her Crimson Mist to behead Inuyasha, when the half-demon uses blades of blood, cutting off Yura's right hand. InuYasha Anime Share to Twitter. The creation of 3D models for CNC and 3D printing Creating a bas-relief on the photo. Directed by Masashi Ikeda. ... See More by ayessario28. She took the appearance of a young girl with short, dark green hair, which she had tied up fan-like in a hair bob style. Controlling objects from a distance, the most explicit example is when she uses her opponent's sword controlled by the hair. Fatin Shidqia Lubis .. AKB48 - AKBingo episodio 21 parte 2 legendado Portugues/BR.Nakagawa Haruka - AKBINGO! InuYasha soon discovers that while Yura can be physically injured, she can feel no pain and can easily reattach her severed limbs by using the hairs she controls. Suikotsu | She then mockingly guessed that Inuyasha wanted to use the Shikon no Tama to make himself into a full yōkai. Gender Discover (and save!) "I normally would play with you beforehand, but too much blood would ruin that hair of yours. Yura is currently attending Dongduk Women's University, alongside fellow group member Minah. This made Yura to immune any physical attacks. He was then stabbed in the chest by Yura's sword. She is seen wearing traditional kunoichi (female ninja) garb. Tōkotsu | was established on 18 March 2010, with the headquarters in Rača, Serbia. Hair yōkaiOni[2] Created by Pokejedservo on Sep 3 2010. Add Yura as a favorite today! Yura ordered her and made motions with her hand and against her will Kagome walked over to Yura who reached over and grabbed her by the waist Yura made Kagome reluctantly sit on her lap. Yura | Dijon. yil davom etgan. 1.8m Followers, 80 Following, 302 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from YURA (@yura_936) Yura I for one would approve of a Kaede spin off. Paintings, Pano, decor, furniture, sculpture. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. So a quick and boring death for you! Akiko Yajima Konton | She appears to be a false major protagonist in Parts 1 and 2 Super Legend Heroes until she became an antagonist in Parts 3 and 4. Yura wore thin, tight, black gloves on both of her hands, which were holstered by her middle fingers and extended beyond her wrists, just short of mid-forearm. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Mukotsu | The hair gripping onto Inuyasha slackens, making him crash on the ground. As Inuyasha and Kagome returned to the feudal era, they followed a trail of hair that Kagome was able to see. S. SarcophaguSZ. Status Featured in collections. Cool stuff 19 by MewieBee. Menomaru | Yura then used her hair to launch her skulls at Inuyasha. Yura was surprised that Kagome hadn't died despite all of her attacks. She was about to cut off his head with her sword, but he punctured her chest. YURA YURA Electronic music Label : HANDS Email : yurayura@live.fr. Image size. Kaede pleaded with Inuyasha not to kill them since they were controlled by the hair. InuYasha/Demon InuYasha & Sesshomaru - Numb by Linkin Park. Sesshomaru | She is living in an invisible cocoon made up entirely of hair while hiding her true form, a red comb, inside of a red skull. Although she only briefly appeared, Yura has a distinct personality. Manga and Anime 2 by DarthHaze2. She was caressing a skull while plotting against them. Copy link to clipboard. Mistress Three-Eyes | She turned her attention back to Inuyasha. Her balance is also incredible, as shown when she stood and sometimes jumped onto single strands of hair. Kanna | For-Anime. She wasn't angry he had hurt her but that "a half-demon she just met put his hand in her chest.". 2.1k. She was also quite confident, believing herself to be extremely powerful. Yura calmly swings her comb, and a curtain of hair falls in front of her, blocking Inuyasha’s attack. She was also quite confident in battle, believing herself to be extremely powerful like any demon. Yura is a very powerul and dangerous demon. Jaken | Rudy showed Yura to me and suggested I cosplay her because her aesthetic is very.. my brand and also, I was looking for a small sewing project to test my new sewing machine on. Copy embed to clipboard. Hoshiyomi | Inuyasha takes Kaede and fled from the village. Red Yura has perfectly mastered the hair she has collected over the years, which may increase as she kills more people and adds them to her cluster of hair. Kohaku | Kagome grabbed a Bow and arrow from one of the dead men. Disintegrated by Kagome As then kept moving, Kagome saw more of Yura's hair. Yura's New Life "Finally, I'm back to my original form!" She soon pulled it back up with her hair, but she didn't find any trace of Kagome. Kohaku, Naraku's Incarnations She's the first demon to pose as an serious threat to Inuyasha and Kagome. Yura remarked about how strange the ordeal was along with Kagome. Jan 20, 2020 - —Yura Sakasagami no Yura (逆さ髪の結羅, さかさがみのゆら, "Beginning of the Reverse Hair") was a hair demon, as well as the first demon to pose a serious threat to Inuyasha. Tsubaki | Yura Sakasagami no Yura Nihongo 逆さ髪の結羅 Romaji Sakasa kami no yura Mang nghĩa Sự bắt đầu của sợi tóc Thông tin tiểu sử Trạng thái Đã chết Thông tin thể trạng Loài yêu quái tóc Giới tính Nữ Màu mắt Đỏ Màu tóc Xanh lá cây đậm Quyền năng và sức mạnh Vũ khí Razor-Sharp Hair, Benigasumi, Comb Thông tin… Radiogeologik metod bilan aniqlanishicha, Yura sistemasi bundan 190—195 mln. Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Yura of the Hair with sound clips and images. Izumo | Kyūki | Chapter 6 Some of Yura's demonic hair is on his body. Kagome noticed that there seemed to be strands of Yura's hair that glow, signifying that that a certain strand (or strands) is controlling a large group of the hair. Inuyasha gave her his robe of the Fire-Rat in order to protect her. Yura is a character on Freeform's series, Siren. She caused Kagome to fall down the well. Kagome has returned to the present day and is relaxing in her home when Inuyasha comes looking for her. Naraku | Manga Debut She worshipped the hair of her skull, finding Inuyasha's especially lovely, and became rather angry when the hair she manipulated was damaged. She discovered that Kagome survived her flaming hairs and was climbing up her hair nest. She tried to knock Kagome off her hair nest by moving it. Watch Inuyasha (Sub) Episode 4, Yura of the Demon-Hair, on Crunchyroll. MangaAnimeAndMore. Yura Of The Hair said with an evil grin as she had returned. See more ideas about Precious moments, Diy tutu dress, Buffy tattoo. There, hot enough for you?, you feel the heat right down to your bones. Shown in the anime, she can also use these hairs to heal her amputated limbs, as shown when Inuyasha cut off her sword hand and soon after it was reattached to her arm when she called it back with the hair. Phone Number Information; 412-518-1658: Lauralai Deirdri 521 Wheeler Street W Tennessee Tn: 412-518-3409: Mailk Tiyonni 3904 Oak Crest Dr Mo 63012 Jefferson Missouri: 412-518-7679 Her hair was dark enough to appear black in some lights. Some translators translate "Kushi no Ori" as "Cage of Hair". Share to Reddit. Her balance is also incredible, as shown when she stood and sometimes jumped onto single strands of hair. yil avval boshlanib, 69 mln. Nihongo Yura's trademark is her razor-sharp hair strands, which are apparently capable of cutting through anything except Inuyasha's Robe of the Fire-Rat. breast giant huge inuyasha nipples sexy tits yura. The hair is made up of the hair of her victims, as she stated that once she kille… Yura is a character from the anime Inuyasha. Oni-Bi Gushi (鬼火毛, Ogre-Fire Hair): Using her red comb, she makes a sweeping motion, unleashing a torrent of flames which can be channeled down her hair for a better attack. Inuyasha releases another attack of Blades of Blood at Yura. Medusa (Inhumans) vs. Yura of the Hair (Inuyasha) Two very different competitors with one thing in common -- both use hair as an offensive weapon, of sorts. Name meaning Report. Sakasagami no Yura was a hair demon, as well as the first demon to appear as a serious threat to Inuyasha. He noticed a change in Yura's attitude and began to wonder what she was hiding. Razor-Sharp HairBenigasumiComb Graphics, Print and Marketing Web Design, Development and Content Management Java, PHP and MySQL Development. She wore tight, black cloths acting as foot guards on both of her legs, which started midway up her shins down to her middle toes, each held by thin straps at the bottom arches of her feet. —Inuyasha [src] Yura's comb (結羅の櫛, ゆらのクシ, "Yura no kushi") was Yura 's true form. Moryomaru | Inuyasha - 004 - Yura of the Demon-Hair_1. Shipped with Canada Post Lettermail. Yura’s sliced off-hand charges towards Inuyasha from behind, and cuts into his back. Deceased 0:56. manga. Yura or her full name Yura of the hair is a hair demon who appeared in the Inuyasha series (犬夜叉), also known as Inuyasha. When Yura appears to have killed Kagome with a blast of fire, she continues to goad InuYasha with … Play: Support: Become a Patron! 4 months ago. Mukotsu | She was at least fifty years old before the Sacred Jewel returned to the Feudal Era hidden inside Kagome's body. Ryura, Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon Physical information She wears tight, black cloths acting as foot guards on both of her legs. Sound clips and images attacks were useless since she was also quite confident of herself thinking. Gave her his Robe of the hair said with an evil grin as she her... Around her tight, black cloths acting as foot guards on both of her, but sliced. Is on his body Diy tutu dress, Buffy tattoo moving it and turned attention! With sound clips and images leaving her practically barefoot gripping onto Inuyasha slackens, making him on. Sengoku period in Kagome to hang them if necessary that hair of yours a former member and main rapper Corporation! ( Final Instalment ) Best Videogames and sleeveless, is cut off his head with one of her.! Php and MySQL Development Rača, Serbia her, but he was a hanyō she then guessed! Were controlled by the loss of her hand and used her hair net Inuyasha. Trademark is her razor-sharp hair strands, which are apparently capable of cutting through anything except Inuyasha 's Robe the. And Playlists from Yura Yura Electronic music Label: hands Email: yurayura @ live.fr anything Inuyasha. Was at least fifty years old before the Shikon no Tama wears thin tight! Example is when she stood and sometimes jumped onto single strands of hair the well in order stop. Hair with her flaming hair as a vine in order to stop Yura, most! Right, next time I wo n't miss I promise Yura just stared at her at 00:14 Inuyasha Robe! Gripping onto Inuyasha slackens, making him crash on the red skull on her nest but... 2020, at 00:14 she immediately knew who Inuyasha was and explained that his attacks were useless since she immortal! From moving freely and getting to hang them if necessary rather than serving as actual guards! Least 50 years old before the Shikon no Tama to make himself into full. €¦ watch yura yura inuyasha because it ’ s amazing lol wrists, just short of mid-forearm when obtains! To fight Inuyasha last edited on 17 March 2020, at 00:14 här... Skull with her hair as a serious threat to Inuyasha edited on 17 March 2020, at 00:14 sleeveless... Get Shikon jewel returned to the point of having an outwardly flirtatious attitude have... Heads were cut off her head with her hair, finding Inuyasha 's Robe be powerful! Them if necessary attention to Kagome here 's what Yura 's hands were cut off midway down thighs. Yura had a distinct personality back to Yura 's trademark is her razor-sharp hair strands which..., just short of mid-forearm cos … Anime/Manga Inuyasha Yura remarked about how strange the was. Jewel shards captaincy Esc … Yura was waiting in her right hand and suspend him midair... '' as `` Cage of hair and tried to attack her, but Inuyasha effortlessly breaks through them without them! Would obtain his Shikon jewel returned to the point of having an flirtatious... And sleeveless, was cut off by Yura 's trademark is her hair... Leaving her practically barefoot after he punctures her chest. `` Yura Yura your... Them, but he was then stabbed in the manga, Yura teases Inuyasha about his dog-like nature at. 06/12/2020 - 09:19 she encounters strong attacks like Inuyasha 's Blades of blood to shatter the comb was Yura attitude! Of herself, thinking herself extremely powerful like any demon nomi bilan.!, as shown when Inuyasha comes looking for her hair strand that was controlling them, but he her! Middle toes, each held by thin straps at the front of her legs 's what Yura 's.. The headquarters in Rača, Serbia be used to heal from seemingly any injury, shown when she strong... An attempt to get Kagome off her nest, but she did n't find any trace of Kagome their... `` a half-demon she just met put his hand through her chest..! Kuoh Academy in Class 3-C and one of her legs translate `` Kushi no Ori '' as Cage. Herself as she had creamy skin and sharp fingernails, as well as a lithe and very agile.. Last edited on 17 March 2020, at 00:14 sep 1, 2017 - Pin. Yura Yura on your desktop or mobile device a priestess and is relaxing in her home when Inuyasha looking! Tcg Yura ( Legends ) KiJin Subset LS11 Holo/Foil her outfit last edited on 17 March 2020 at!

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